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White Paper (Example)

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Name: Professor’s Name: Course: Date: White Paper Background McDonald’s Corporation is a company of fast food which was established in 1940 in California the US as a restaurant. The company started as a barbeque restaurant but has since expanded to various countries worldwide. According to Sarah (2018) the company is currently serving over 60 million customers daily in its 36 800 restaurants situated in more than 120 countries with a diversified menu comprising of various chicken sandwiches salads desserts wraps shakes French fries coffee soft drinks and other beverages (Bomkamp 3). The company’s main target market comprises of parents who have younger children business customers such as workers who eat or grab breakfast on-the-go young children who are mostly learners and the teens who are students in high schools colleges or universities. As of 2016 the company had employees more than 375 000 employees. Diversity and Multiculturalism Many people female. Each will be provided with $10 000 prize reward and a free vacation to the place of their choice. This competition will be running across all the branches from the120 countries. It will be so effective by reinforcing the effective diversity of management. It will ensure that the minorities have been provided with opportunities for advancing their career. It will also ensure that the employees observe multicultural diversity in the company because they never know they may be picked to win the grand prize. Work cited  Bomkamp Samantha (2016). "McDonald’s HQ Move Is Boldest Step Yet in Effort to Transform Itself." Chicago Tribune. Retrieved May 1  2017. Kottak Conrad Phillip and Kathryn A. Kozaitis. On being different: Diversity and multiculturalism in the North American mainstream. McGraw-Hill Humanities Social Sciences & World Languages 2003. Sarah Crow (2018). 20 McDonald’s secrets they don’t want to you to know. Galvanized Media. Available online: [...]

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Instructions Submit a “White Paper”. A white paper is a business document, usually created to convey the background of a problem and offer/propose a solution. White papers are sometimes made in brochure/booklet format with graphics (like charts, graphs, etc.) other times it is more appropriate that they are simple and restricted to one page. See this power point from Purdue OWL White Paper Guide.ppt Settings for tips on writing a white a paper. Also check out this example and informative white paper on white papers. Eight-Rules-for-Writing-Great-White-Papers.pdf Settings For this white paper, you will be presenting a new diversity initiative to roll out at a company. The company can be real or fictional. Consider goals showing knowledge gained from the Modules as it relates to gender, race, sexuality, ability/disability, social class, to name a few- Examples of this could be in the areas of communication, hiring practices, promotion practices, vacation policy practices, sexual harassment policies, anti-discrimination practices, and many more). Creativity of ideas is expected for your goals/strategies. Instructions: 1. Take this seriously, create this assignment as if you could really turn it into a company and have them completely sold on your proposal. 2. Your White Paper must be 750-1000 words. Page length is not important, but word count is. 3. Format Options 1. Format assignment like a regular essay, as long as you are including section headers, and a work cited at the end. Get creative, include charts, graphs, and make it pleasing. 2. Format assignment like the white paper brochure PDF above. You can use publisher or some other template that allows you to create a multiple page brochure. Get creative, include charts, graphs, and make it pleasing. 4. Be sure to read your finished work to yourself, aloud, or to others so you can check for errors. Spelling and Grammar will be part of your grade. 5. Always use a works cited at the end of your work. Your Assignment should follow this outline: 1. Background 1. Here you will give a description and name of your company, the service/products your company offers, the geographic location and/or numbers of employees. 2. Define Diversity and Multiculturalism: Use what you learned from our modules, Define and explain diversity and multiculturalism, assuming your employee audience is new to the topic. 3. This will likely require going back and reviewing the earlier modules in the class. Remember, this should be all or mostly in your own words. 2. The Challenge 1. Explain the importance of diversity and multiculturalism to your specific workplace and present a NEW MULTICULTUALISM statement. 2. Explain the importance of diversity and multiculturalism, assuming your audience is new to the topic. 3. What are the advantages to diversity and multicultural competency in your specific workplace? 4. What does the company hope to gain or benefit from having a diverse and multicultural competent workforce? 3. The Solution/Goals 1. Present the new goals, showing an understanding of multiculturalism; These goals should be directly related to developing a more multicultural company and be specific. 1. Show use of a specific strategy for each goal 2. Address HOW the success of the strategy will be measured. 2. Please get creative here. Think about all of the areas of multiculturalism we have discussed related to race, gender, sexuality, social class, disability/ability in the workplace. Relate these new goals to your specific business. Be specific. For example, instead of saying “hire a diverse workforce” be specific and say “Our goal is to serve the most diverse customers by increasing the diversity of our workforce by 10% in the next 2 years.” 3. If you write about an existing or past organization, make sure to create your own goals and strategies, rather than using ones they currently have in place. 4. Work Cited: this is good practice to be in, always include a work cited, or bibliography. DUE DATE: MARCH 23 FRIDAY MORNING

Subject Area: Cultural Studies

Document Type: Personal Statement

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