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The woman beneath the skin (Example)

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The Woman Beneath the Skin Name: Institution: Course: Date: The Woman beneath the Skin Every work of literature is in one way or another aimed at informing the society concerning certain crucial aspects that are essential to the well-being of people. For instance history books serve the purpose of educating the current and future generations of the chronology of our societies so that they may improve on our strengths and avoid mistakes committed in the past. Additionally other works of literature serve the purpose of enlightening the masses concerning various aspects such as the fair treatment of women in the society as well as embracing harmony regardless of our race and ethnicity. Also other works have been used to highlight the significance of adopting modern scientific principles and technology in our daily operations. An example of a book that highlights the necessity of changing our perceptions concerning elementary aspects period saw themselves as objects which were constantly changing with time. For instance the fact that they gradually varied in shape complexion age and strength was one fact that supported their opinion. Consequently women during this period regarded themselves as inconsequential to the society. In conclusion The Woman Beneath the Skin has been correctly used Storch’s diaries and medical cases to bring out the picture of medicine and the human body as it was viewed by people during the medieval period. By keenly analyzing the society’s view on medicine and those who practiced the field it is evident that while the art was held with high regard among the people those who practiced it were not given the respect they deserved. As seen through the biography of Dr. Storch most doctors were restricted to their locations of jurisdiction. Bibliography Duden Barbara. 1997. The Woman Beneath The Skin. Harvard University Press. [...]

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Question Background: The Early Modern Era was an interesting period of time; it lies squarely between medieval superstition and modern ideas of enlightenment. It was an in-between period where we see hints of both ancient and modern ideas about religion, natural philosophy, science, medicine, and of course, the body. From the Renaissance, through the Reformation, and to the Scientific Revolution, social and cultural ideas about medicine, health, and the body were changing as Europeans emerged from the Dark Ages of the medieval era. As Europeans began to break away from the tight hold of the Church and ancient texts about science and medicine, some began to look at the world around them with a new curiosity while questioning the 'old ways' of doing things. Others, however, remained faithful to traditional ideas about natural philosophy and the world around them. They were not interested in 'new ideas' that did not make sense to them or which seemed to contradict what they saw as 'common sense'. This is one reason why the Early Modern Era seems so strange to us; Europeans are so close to "thinking like modern people" that it can be hard to believe that they do not see what our "modern eyes" think is 'obvious'. Paper Prompt: Johann Storch was a doctor in Eisenach who lived during this half-way period. On the one hand, he is embracing new ideas about observation and anatomy. On the other hand, his patients clearly still embrace older ideas about how bodies work and what it means to be healthy. Write a paper in which you draw on the medical case studies and diary entries that Johan Storch left behind to explain specific ways in which he, his patients, and those around him represent either Medieval or Early Modern ideas about medicine and the human body. Tip: You might want to address the kind of medicine and science which Storch and his patients believed in and try to explain what differences you see between Storch and his patients. Or, you might want to discuss how they imagined and understood the internal and sexual processes of the human body; or you might want to discuss how Storch and his patients viewed the doctor-patient relationship and medical treatment. Regardless of what focus you take in your paper, you need to demonstrate that you can recognize which health practices and which ideas about the body and medicine represent the medieval way of thinking and which represent Renaissance and/or Early Modern ideas based on the anatomical and scientific revolutions. In addition to recognition, however, you need to explain why both practices 'made sense' to Storch and the people of Eisenach at this time. Papers should be 750-1000 words and written in standard collegiate format with 1 inch margins, 10-12 point font, and Chicago/Turabian footnote citation style. Spelling, grammar, footnotes, formatting, and punctuation 'counts'. Your paper should be based only on material from this class and primarily the Duden book, The Woman beneath the Skin. You want to show me that you can do these two main things: 1) read and understand the historical arguments that she is making and 2) use the case studies and diary entries that she presents to make your own argument to answer this paper prompt. However, you may also draw from the other Books and Canvas Readings for this course to back up your points.

Subject Area: History

Document Type: Dissertation

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