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History paper (Example)

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Name Course instructor Subject Date Fourteenth Amendment Introduction Fundamentally the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution was ratified in 1868 five years after the Emancipation Proclamation. Majorly it accorded citizenship to everyone born or naturalized in the United States. Being one of the fundamental legal instruments enacted during the Reconstruction Era the 14th Amendment set out to assert legal and civil rights mainly for black Americans who were former slaves (Jones et al. 372). Following the assassination of Abraham Lincoln and the succession of Andrew Johnson as president in 1965 there was disquiet and fear of regression. Notably this fear and disquiet were brought about by the perceived leniency of President Johnson towards the Confederates. The 14th Amendment was precluded by the Civil Rights Act of 1866 which had to overcome President Johnson veto to be enacted. Following this enactment it became prudent to have constitutional protections to and their descendants who are born in the United States. Since its enactment the 14th Amendment has been found inadequate in realizing its initial objectives. Racial prejudice persisted in the south as Africans Americans were subjected to segragative ‘black codes’ that greatly limited their civil rights. Unintentionally the provision also limited the civil rights of women. Works Cited Foner Eric. “The Original Intent of the Fourteenth Amendment: A Conversation with Eric Foner.” NEVADA LAW JOURNAL Vol 6 no.1 2006 pp. 425-446 Franks Joel. Key Words and Key Concepts in Asian-American History BVT Publishing 2016. Greenberg Edward and Benjamin Page. The Struggle for Democracy: 2014 Elections and Updates Edition. Pearson Education 2016. Jones Jacqueline et al. Created Equal: A History of the United States. Pearson Education 2014. Smith Rodgers. “Birthright Citizenship and the Fourteenth Amendment in 1868 and 2008.” JOURNAL OF CONSTITUTIONAL LAW Vol 11 no. 5 2009 pp 1329-1335 [...]

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The essay should be 3~5 typewritten pages in length, double-spaced with 12 point font.  You should use the readings and lectures, but some to a significant amount of outside research is required but you must utilize the assigned readings and lectures in developing your essay. Your research should be based on scholarly sources well and consistently cited. NO WIKIPEDIA, OTHER ENCYCLOPEDIA, OR ONLINE DICTIONARIES.  No particular citation is needed, but you need to be consistent. ( I will send the notes and materials after I pick you) The essay will be evaluated on the basis of the following: 1. Responds to the problem. The problems have no single correct answer, but the better responses utilize the major historical/political development(s) referenced in the problem and appropriate rhetorical strategies, i.e., definition, explanation, comparison-contrast, etc. 2. Makes good use of the readings.Avoid direct quotation from the texts, paraphrase and summarize using your own words, but give a parenthetical reference using the author’s last name and the page where you have found the information, placed just before the period at the end of the appropriate sentence(s).  Use more than one of the texts. 3. Has a clear and complete thesis. This is a sentence that contains the purpose of your essay.  It names your subject and makes a statement about the subject.  It briefly presents what you will develop in the following paragraphs that constitute the essay. 4. Exhibits organization and coherence. The purpose is accomplished with a clear, logical sequence of supporting points, and each part of the essay supports the purpose. 5. Utilizes well-crafted sentences and paragraphs. Make the effort to proof read and revise for spelling, grammar and syntax.  Verify that each paragraph has one idea expressed in a topic sentence with appropriate supporting sentence   Write on the following:   Describe and analyze the 14th Amendment. Why was it perceived to be needed. Describe it (especially section 1). Summarize and analyze key court decisions from 1870-1930. And compare its impact on African Americans, Asian Americans, and one other group based on social class, race, gender or religion.   I will tell more after I choose

Subject Area: History

Document Type: Reports

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