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Infectious Disease Research Paper (Malaria disease) (Example)

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Name Course Professor Date Malaria Malaria is among the world’s deadliest and oldest diseases. It is believed that dinosaurs carried the disease 100 million years ago. However the first human incident was realized in Ancient China.("CDC - Malaria - About Malaria - History"). The next recorded case is after a century in Ancient Egypt where their leaders are believed to have eaten garlic to protect them from infection of the disease noting that even Cleopatra slept under a net. Over the past decade there has been progressing in the fight and prevention of the disease. Thus 7 million lives have been saved globally. However every two minutes today a child dies of Malaria.(Miller and Spoolman 444) Currently malaria is on the CDC watch list for an outbreak that was announced in Brazil in January.("CDC Current Outbreak List | CDC") Malaria is a severe febrile illness that has an incubation or spraying of pesticides. Additionally one should avoid having any damp items in an enclosed room such as wet clothes or living near a swampy area. Further if a traveller returns home from a country that had an outbreak they should get a medical check-up to prevent any late detection of the disease. Works cited "CDC – Malaria- About Malaria - History". Cdc.Gov 2018 Accessed 17 Mar 2018 Sullivan John Burke and Gary R. Krieger. Clinical Environmental Health And Toxic Exposures. 2nd ed. Lippincot Williams And Wilkins 2018 +p.Ovale+that+is+not+very+common +P.+falciparum&hl. Accessed 17 Mar 2018. "CDC Current Outbreak List | CDC".Cdc.Gov 2018 Accessed 17 Mar 2018 Miller G. Tyler and Scott Spoolman. Living In The Environment: Principles Connections And Solutions. 17th ed. Cengage Learning 2009 +every+two+minutes+today +a+child+diesfrom+malaria&hl Accessed 17 Mar 2018 Marcus Bernard A. Malaria. 2nd ed Chelsea House Publishers 2009 Accessed 17 Mar 2018 [...]

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2. Your paper should address a. the manner in which the disease is transmitted (oral-fecal route, inhalation, casual contact, sexual contact, vector-transmitted ex. Tick, mosquito, kissing bug, Tsetse fly, blackfly, snail, etc.,) b. as well as the causative agent (bacteria, virus, worm, protozoan, prion). 3. You should also discuss a brief history of the disease (including the infectious part of the lifecycle if it is a parasite), where it is endemic (always found) and where it has spread, the general symptoms and stages of symptoms if there are such stages. 4. Mention if this disease is currently on the WHO website or CDC watch list. Several diseases may be classified as potential biological weapons, which you should mention if that is true for your disease. You might want to cite (or hypothesize) the reason your disease is considered a potential weapon, which might include communicability, death rate, or some other quality. 5. When discussing treatment, you can mention (brief) historical treatment, but should focus on vaccines (if there are any), the most recent drugs available and the method of action of such drugs. 6. Finally, discuss if there is an outbreak in the world at the moment, how long it has been a concern, and what is being done to slow or stop this disease.

Subject Area: Biology

Document Type: Research Paper

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