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How Affordances of AR affect AR-based Learning in Science Education

I need to complete my thesis. The topic is how augmented reality can enhance science education. I have rough draft. Basically, I copied and pasted other literature review. Based on this, I need to revise and build up the thesis. Most of my problem is grammar, wording, transition, and logic flow of the paper. Red text is comments from my professor which I need to fix. My professor said that my paper has weak connection between paragraphs so it does not look like one paper. Green highlights need to be confirmed. Also, yellow highlights are the vague sites that I need to find. If anyone can help me to revise my paper with zero plagiarism, I appreciate.
I need to complete my thesis. The topic is how augmented reality can enhance science education. I have rough draft. Basically, I copied and pasted other literature review.
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