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Compatibilism and Hard Determinism (Example)

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Name Professor Course Date Comptabilism and Hard Determinism The question “Which theory best explains moral responsibility in the society?” has led to emerging of different answers from different philosophers. To get the correct theoretical answers we must have theoretical concept which are based on human experiences laws of nature and the facts. Ideas and facts in relation to relationship between determinism and human freedom need to be argued with a theory which is much more based on people’s experiences in the society. Looking keenly at the descriptions of the numerous ideas and facts besides positions made on libertarianism compatibilism and hard-determinism one will get the descriptions of people’s life experiences. He or she will analyze and describe what determinism liberty morality and free will is according to his or her understanding. Once you revisit life experience will get reasonable and valid answers. From my point of view libertarianism is In conclusion libertarianism gives a clear picture of the ideas of freedom determinism and moral responsibilities in the society more than the other theories. Hard Determinism and Compatibilism gives less support to moral responsibility and free will in the society we live. Moreover it is very challenging to prove hard determinism concepts. On the other hand Libertarianism concepts about free will and moral responsibility seem to be more appealing. Libertarianism distinguishes between personality in individuals and the moral-self responsibility- via which human beings experience free will through deeds and which everyone is morally responsible for. Work Cited Honderich Ted. "A theory of determinism." (2013). Hume David. "An Inquiry Concerning the Principles of Morals with a Supplement a Dialogue." (2011). Kant Immanuel. Kant: The metaphysics of morals. Cambridge University Press 2017. Koons Jeremy Randel. "Is hard determinism a form of compatibilism?." The Philosophical Forum. Vol. 33. No. 1. Blackwell Publishers Inc. 2010. [...]

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Instructions Overview According to the principle of determinism, every event that takes place in the world has a cause. Whether or not the event is snow falling, birds chirping or humans thinking, the determinist asserts that each and every event that occurs in the world has a cause, or series of causes, that makes the event, and everything connected to it, inevitable. Now consider what this means for your thoughts at this present moment and for your forthcoming Module 3 Essay. Presumably, at this present moment, you are thinking very deeply about formulating a thesis that is interesting, compelling, specific and shows good understanding of the material. And, hopefully, these thoughts will lead to a high quality essay. However, if determinism is true (and, of course, there are very good reasons for thinking that it is), EVERY single thing that you are thinking at this present moment is the unavoidable product of your personality (e.g., brain state, genetics and upbringing), the situation that you find yourself in, along with basic laws of nature. The same goes for your forthcoming essay. In this way, the particular thesis that you will end up “choosing,” the quality of your essay and the words that you will employ, all would be inevitable and indeed predictable (in principle) from the moment of your birth. In such a case, would it make sense to say that you deserve the grade that you will get on your essay? Notice that the same type of question can be posed for ANY human event for which we might be inclined to ascribe praise and blame. Did Mother Teresa deserve to be praised for her charitable acts? Did Hitler deserve to be condemned for his moral atrocities? Ultimately, the answer to these questions depends on one’s view of the complex relationship between determinism, freedom and moral responsibility. Essay Question: Which theory best explains the true nature of moral responsibility and its relation to human freedom and determinism--libertarianism, hard determinism or compatibilism? In your answer, be sure to demonstrate an understanding of each of the three theories.

Subject Area: Philosophy

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