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Human population essay (Example)

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Environments Connection And Relations Name Institution Environments Connection and Relations Part 1: Product Maglite torch production in the USA The Maglite torch is a production of MAG instrument manufacturing company in the USA The torch is used within the country and its Affluent countries. It is mostly used to provide light in both offices and home-based appliances. The product is not necessary for the human survival as it is not the only alternative source of light. The product is made from materials such as copper batteries and casings to shield the copper wires. The chemical composition of the material includes the acidic solution that helps in draining current energy from the battery. The product is made both from renewable and non-renewable materials for instance the batteries are not renewable while the copper wires can be reused through recycling (Case 1999). The most alternative product to substitute depicts an ecological footprint among the resources and human. An ecological footprint simply means the impacts of human activities on the environment and the number of resources needed to sustain a certain lifestyle in terms of the land and water available. The human biological effects relate to environments in such that they will determine s what the environment will have to produce so that it can certain the current population. Human depends on the ecology of survival and the environment require maintained for it to be in the position of sustaining a human. References Case R. N. (1999). U.S. Patent No. 5 921 657. Washington DC: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Siegfried J. J. (1979). Production efficiency: the case of professional basketball. Journal of Business 379-392. Rees W. E. (1992). Ecological footprints and appropriated carrying capacity: what urban economics leaves out? Environment and Urbanization 4(2) 121-130. [...]

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PART 1 Choose 2 products or items that you might find in a home or office. The products should be produced, sold and used in the United States or in a relatively affluent country. One product or item will be a simple mechanical and/or electrical device. The other product or item will NOT be mechanical or electrical. Keep it simple for example, a toaster or an automobile, and a plastic bottle or a basketball hoop. Research each product or item production, manufacture, growth or whatever process is used to make the product or item available for use. Consider in your research the cradle to grave lifespan of the product or item. For each of the two products or items, answer the following questions and provide the requested information: Is this a product or item necessary for human survival? What are the raw materials, chemicals, energy, etc. used to make the product and become part of the product or item? Is the product made from a renewable resource (ex. A tree) or a limited resource (ex. Oil)? Can the product and/or materials be recycled or reused and how? Is there any other method for reducing the materials, chemicals, energy, etc. used to make the product? Is there any alternative products or substitution for the product? Describe how the product gets from raw materials to production, manufacture, growth, etc. to the store and then to your home. What is the transportation, energy use? How is the product or item disposed of or how would it be disposed of? (even if it can be partially recycled or reused) Does it decompose to basic elements, nutrients if placed in a landfill? If yes, then how long does decomposition take? List all the negative environmental impacts of production, use and disposal of the product or item. Would you expect the production of the product or item to most likely increase as the human population increases? If yes, then what impact would you expect on the size of each person’s ecological footprint? (note: keep in mind the product or item production, sale and use is in the United States, a relatively affluent country) PART 2 Write an essay that explains the environmental connections and relationship(s) among the following three topics: Human Population Growth Affluent Consumption Ecological Footprint The Essay submitted as a Word document attached to the assignment tool. Your total write-up and explanation should be at least two pages with at least one page of the environmental connections and relationship(s) among the above three topics. The Essay should include the following: Answer all 11 questions from the Part 1. In Part 2, provide the reference of your essay writing using APA style. Give your creative ideas on how these articles tie into the material we are covering in class this module. See the syllabus for the assignment due date.

Subject Area: Environmental Sciences

Document Type: Reports

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