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500 WORDS provide a textual analysis of a selected scene or scenes one of the film listed below.

I need a textual analysis of a selected scene or scenes of the films. This is the choice of blogs you have (choose 3 of the 4 listed here): Laura: narrative and mise-en-scene Written on the Wind: mise-en-scene and sound Mildred Pierce: cinematography and editing Certain Women: editing and sound Choose one movie of 4 movies above and write analysis following the subject. ( If you choose 'Certain women', You should write how the editing and sound are used in the movie. ) 500 WORDS EACH I will give a sample essay that you should follow. ( how to write)
I need a textual analysis of a selected scene or scenes of the films. This is the choice of blogs you have (choose 3 of the 4 listed here): Laura: narrative and mise-en-scene Written on the Wind: mise-en-scene and sound Mildred Pierce: cinematography and editing Certain Women: editing and sound Choose one movie of 4 movies above and write analysis following the subject. ( If you choose 'Certain women', You should write how the editing and sound are used in the movie. ) 500 WORDS EACH I will give a sample essay that you should follow.
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