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Ballot Proposition Analysis (Example)

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Student’s name Instructor Course Date Ballot Proposition Analysis: proposition 1F Issue In May 2009 proposition 1F was on the ballot basically seeking for constitutional amendment aimed at ruling out salary increment for the state legislature members together with other state officials including the governor particularly for periods considered as deficit years. Among other issues the proposition sort to instruct state finance director to take charge for determination as to whether a particular year is considered as a deficit year and also to prohibit “Citizens Compensation Commission” from raising salaries of the key elected figures within the period in which the state is running deficit ( California Voter Foundation pp1). This particular proposition is quite interesting given that it touches on financial gain of key state officials in a manner that reflects some sort of accountability and special consideration of the tax payers’ burden. The proposition in other words sort for which it was formulated. Through a majority of voters the measure was put into effect and eventually served its purpose effectively due to the fact that pay rise for state officials ended up being prohibited in California especially during deficit year. Works Cited Buchanan Wyatt. “Prop. 1F would bar raises if state has deficit.” SFGate San Francisco Chronicle 10 Feb. 2012 California Voter Foundation . “California Online Voter Guide - 2009 Statewide Special Election.” California Online Voter Guide 2009 Legislative Analyst's Office . “2009 Initiative Analysis: Government Spending Limit Act of 2010 [V-.” The California Legislature Nonpartisan Fiscal & Policy Adviser PPIC. “Five Budget Measures Losing: Interest in May Election Ballot Increases and So Does Opposition.” Public Policy Institute of California 2009 Steinhauer Jennifer. “In Budget Deal California Shuts $41 Billion Gap.” The New York Times The New York Times 19 Feb. 2009 [...]

Order Description:

Ballot Paper - Specific Criteria Each student will be required to analyze a Ballot Proposition appearing on the California Primary or General Election ballots from 1990 through the November 2016 General Election. You need to choose a Ballot Proposition that falls between these dates (see Resources Below). – The analysis shall be 5 pages of TEXT (or 1,500 words minimum) and, in addition, MUST include a separate "Works Cited" page and appropriate source documentation/FOOTNOTES. You must have at least 4 separate sources cited in your Works Cited page. NOTE - Students who wish may collaborate to write this paper. MAXIMUM of 2 students per paper. YOU MUST use 12 point size font with STANDARD margins. The only acceptable font is Times or Times New Roman. Paper MUST be DOUBLE SPACED. YOUR USE of CORRECT GRAMMAR, SENTENCE STRUCTURE AND PUNCTUATION WILL BE A FACTOR IN YOUR GRADE. REQUIRED HEADINGS - These Headings are MANDATORY and Must Be IN Your Paper! a) ISSUE - Limit this to a maximum of 1/2 page. Briefly describe what ballot proposition you chose and why it interested you. b) HISTORY - Approximately 1 1/2 - 2 pages. I want you to describe the essential events/problems which prompted the ballot proposition to be qualified and placed on the ballot. c) DESCRIPTION - Approximately 1/2 page. Provide a brief but specific description of what language the propositionproposed to add or change to existing law. You can use a laundry list/outline format for this section. d) ANALYSIS - Approximately 1 1/2 - 2 pages - Briefly, in a narrative format, identify and discuss which key groups supported, opposed or were neutral on the proposition and why they had taken their respective positions. e) CONCLUSION - Limit this to approximately 1/2 - 1 page. Tell me why you support or oppose the changes in law made by the ballot proposition. Why was/wasn't it a good idea? Has it had the intended effects? Did the proposition pass or fail? RESEARCH RESOURCES NOTE - The best resources to research and write your Ballot Analysis Paper are; - This is the best place to start - go to the Voter Resources and then the Elections links. - go to the Intitiatives link. Google searches of newspapers, etc. are also valuable. - this is the Secretary of States link. In addtion to the Initiative link go the the Cal-Access link to obtain information on financial contributions. Certainly "Googling" the issue is valuable too. NOTE - Do NOT use WIKIPEDIA or other equivalent websites, e.g. "edit at will" sites, including, BALLOTPEDIA for this paper. Use of these sites will result in an 10 point reduction in GRADE. These are not acceptable for academic research. I also strongly discourage you from using encyclopedia websites. This is college. Use the sites I've referenced and legitimate newspapers/websites.

Subject Area: Politics

Document Type: Research Paper

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