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SUBJECT AREA Cultural Studies
CREATED ON 26th February 2018
COMPLETED ON 2nd March 2018
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Apply theories (Marx & Frankfurt School) of political economy to music

we discussed the Marxist argument that whomever controls the base (means of production) controls the superstructure (the content of cultural objects and commodities). We also talked about the Frankfurt School argument that culture industries ideologically “inoculate” consumers through homogeneity and predictability. Write an essay in which you discuss your views, drawing on evidence from the music industries.
we discussed the Marxist argument that whomever controls the base (means of production) controls the superstructure (the content of cultural objects and commodities). We also talked about the Frankfurt School argument that culture industries ideologically “inoculate” consumers through homogeneity and predictability. Write an essay in which you discuss your views, drawing on evidence from the music industries.
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