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Early Hominids and Adaptation (Example)

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Crone P. (2015). Pre-industrial societies: Anatomy of the pre-modern world. Oneworld Publications. Patricia Crone is the known book author; the eminent historian who explains the general properties of a big range of pre-industrial communities from areas as evidently as pre-Columbian America and the Mongol Empire to the diversity of cultures as the 17th-century France and the Ming Dynasty. Crone begins by explaining industry as the means of production which came into action in the late eighteenth century England and that continued flamboyantly to transform the globe at its diversity. He supports his claim by arguing that; a majority of the human communities are currently involved in the industrialization process or industrial. However entirely non-industrial communities that continue to exist are becoming archaic. The common feature of the industry has emerged and modern humans from the split of the apes some six million years ago. He directs his attention in the manner the early humans organized dwelled and evolved themselves whilst indicating the importance of that improvement for the comprehension of present social life. I find his work acceptable and amounting to a topic since the examination of other matters such as population density cognition origin common human sexuality spoken language and morality as well as diet. He is able to logically show that the Western comprehension of history is completed saturated by the idea that evolution resulted from lower kinds of society and culture to ever-bigger civilization heights. Nurturing` the view that the more developed is regarded as obviously superior to the less developed and the past lesser to the modern. [...]

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ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY ASSIGNMENT SHEET HISTORY 101 Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is threefold. First, this is an exercise in choosing a topic among a vast amount of options. Second, this is your first opportunity in this class (and perhaps ever) to utilize the American Psychological Association (APA) system of citation. Lastly, in this assignment you must critically evaluate the credibility and usefulness of information pertaining to your selected topic. This assignment is designed to work in conjunction with the research paper due later this semester. You can use the same topic and sources for both. But beware…you cannot just cut and paste from this assignment to the research paper. You should use this assignment to inform the research paper. Requirements: The paper must meet the following general requirements: Components: To receive full credit, the submission must include a title page and a bibliography. You must also provide a topic statement, proposed title, and properly complete the bibliographic and in-text citation exercise located with the assignment in Blackboard and in the course documents. Topic Selection: Choosing a topic is a skill, and thus the requirement pertaining to topics is purposefully broad. You may choose any topic relating to history within the time period we are studying in this course (prehistory to the year 1500CE). Choose a topic that you are interested in or perhaps in which you have a background. Do you like art? Then you can easily write a paper on how art forms developed. But specific is the key. The papers in this class are short; you need to narrow your topic to something that is obtainable. You are highly encouraged to talk to me about your topic before committing. Sources: As stated above, one of the purposes of this assignment is to get you thinking about the information that forms your argument/purpose/point. In this, quality is critical. For this assignment, you must choose two peer reviewed articles that can be found on the library databases. The articles must be at least ten (10) pages in length. Length: This assignment, done properly, should be at least a page and a half in length (it will need to be to receive full credit)…but likely more. Annotated Bibliography Tips: An annotated bibliography is an excellent way to gather a large number of sources and evaluate them in terms of how useful they will be to your overall research paper. Your submission should include the four following elements for each article: Bibliographic Citation: The very first thing should be the bibliographic citation of the article you will be reviewing (see example below). Summary of the source (article): This should be a paragraph dedicated to what the article is about. Some questions you should think about (among others) are: what is the purpose or main point? What are the main ideas? How does the author support the claims? What evidence is used? Analysis of the source (article): This paragraph should be dedicated to thinking critically about the quality of the source. Without using first person, I should be able to hear your voice pondering the some of the following questions (among others): Do the facts/analysis/conclusions of the source seem accurate? Are the qualifications of the author relevant? Does the author delve deep into a topic or is it rather cursory? Evaluation of Usefulness: In this paragraph you should evaluate the source in terms of how useful (or not) it would be to your final research paper. Does it pertain well enough to the topic you are exploring? What are some of the things it would add to your paper? How does it compare to other sources? Justify the claims you make. Remember that format counts. I expect that your submission will mimic the format set out in the example found with the assignment and in the course documents. You should turn in a scholarly paper. Thus grammar, punctuation, and other such details should be on point. At the very least, have a person you trust look at your paper before submitting. I recommend a visit to the Writing Center before submitting the final paper. PLEASE SEE THE EXAMPLE ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY LOCATED IN THE ASSIGNMENT FOLDER

Subject Area: History

Document Type: Capstone Project

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