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Name Course Lecturer Institution The religion of India: The sociology of Hinduism and Buddhism by Max Weber Max Weber is a German sociologist that has written several topics on the issue of religion. He addressed the issues of the religions in India which is what this paper will focus on. The main form of religion in India is Hinduism. During the ancient times the term “Hindu” used to refer to the Indians that were not converted. According to Weber the Indian social system was divided into social systems. Weber therefore wrote about the religion of Buddhism in a book that he published after he had written about The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism. In his book he discussed about the structure of the Indian society and their doctrines like debates. Thinkers who existed during his time some of which are still controversial in the present day. He expressed negative attitudes towards the religion of India in the sense that capitalism could not have existed in within the religion of Hinduism. According to Weber it would have been close to impossible for modern capitalism organization to have originated from a caste system like that of India (Weber 56). He feels that the Hindus did not make any efforts to change their economic situation. That Hinduism was in preference of other world issues but under-emphasized the material world. Works Cited Weber Marx. The religion of India: The sociology of Hinduism and Buddhism. Free Press 1962. Weber Marx Gerth Hans and Martindale Don. The religion of India: The sociology of Hinduismand Buddhism 2017. [...]

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RESEARCH PAPER 125 points The goal of this assignment is to produce an examination of some aspect of a religious scholar’s work. This paper should be five-seven pages long. Please choose one of these scholars/theologians/leaders – NO EXCEPTIONS. All citations must come from books – do not use web sites as references. You can use JSTOR. Please consider the work of all these scholars and choose one of the following for your project: Elizabeth Schüssler Fiorenza William Tyndale Karen Armstrong Max Weber Rudolf Otto C S Lewis Mircea Eliade John Wesley Adam Hamilton Lottie Moon and the Lottie Moon Fund Paul Froese If you plan to go to seminary, you should look closely at Froese, Armstrong and Hamilton because their works will help you prepare to become a minister. If you are more interested in research and philosophy, consider the other listed scholars. Students are asked to remember that every good paper in the humanities is a critical argument. This means that an issue must be precisely identified, the information accurately surveyed, positions fairly and dispassionately set forth and the preferred interpretation rationally defended. Start on this paper early because it may take some time to gather material for your paper. If you cannot find books in your campus library, check with your public library. If you do not find the books you need, ask the reference librarian about getting them through inter library loan. Remember that I have taught this course for several years and it is likely that the reference librarian you are talking to has worked with other students who were looking for the same material and will be able to advise you. They have been quite helpful to other students and they will help you. In most cases, interlibrary loan is an excellent way to get what you need. The Lexington library has all the books needed for these projects and they send them out immediately after receiving a request from your local public library. Begin your paper by choosing one aspect of your chosen scholar’s work that interests you and narrow it down. Read two or three outside sources concerning the scholar and the topic. Be sure and note what you read and include it in your bibliography even if you do not quote that specific work. It is reasonable to expect that your bibliography will have three or four entries including the text for the course. The most common mistake made on this paper is including biographical information about the scholar’s life. Do not include information about where your subject was born, parents’ names, etc. It is NOT NEEDED. The scholar’s life, parentage, where he/she went to school or married is not part of this assignment. The assignment IS about the scholar’s work in the area of religion and how it works in peoples’ lives. Write about the scholarly work the person did in the area of religion only. You may use information gathered in this assignment in your class project. Look for ways to make the two assignments work together. A question one should ask while doing this project and when thinking about religion in general concerns how God becomes real to people when God is understood to be invisible and immaterial. Since all religions believe in God, this is not the question of whether God is real but how people decide if God is present. Such a God is not accessible to the senses. When one talks to that God, one can neither see a face nor hear a voice. One cannot touch God. How can one be confident that God is there? Does the person you are writing about offer clues concerning God’s presence? Another important question is how religions teach compassion. Some of these scholars emphasize empathy and concern for others. Look for their work in compassion. This question will not apply to all of the topics. Does it apply to yours? Maybe so – Maybe not. REMEMBER: Avoid internet cites as sources. Use texts or JSTOR only. A list of internet sites in your bibliography will cause you to get a bad grade. Internet sites are good for pointing you toward texts, but will not serve as academic sources. Your paper should be stylistically proper and carefully proofread. Lengthy quotations should be avoided. Every quote must be properly cited and the paper must include a bibliography. Colloquialisms are to be used only with the greatest restraint. Slang is not permissible in academic papers. Attempts to relate your chosen scholar’s work to contemporary issues are unnecessary, permissible within limits, but often inadvisable.

Subject Area: Religion

Document Type: Research Paper

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