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Assignment 3: Tracking a Communication variable: Personal Report of Public Speaking Anxiety (Example)

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Public anxiety paper Submitted to: Submitted by: Introduction Public anxiety is a very common phenomena which is faced by numerous individuals during their lifetime. This type of anxiety comes forward when individuals try to speak in front of other people. The hesitation and fear of audience is evident from the case since such individuals are usually unable to speak out of anxiety. According to research undertaken at various platforms this has been seen as a common form of social and public phobia. Public speaking is such a tool which is required at all levels. In order to express oneself appropriately it is most important to ensure that this type of anxiety and fear is overcome in an effective manner. There are more than 80% of individuals who are affected as a result of this anxiety. As a result of this issue there are numerous psychological and mental problems which not be treated through medicines rather it could only be resolved with the help of therapies intended to treat the issue efficiently. This study could have aided in resolving such psychological problems in a more effective manner than before. References Ashlock M. Z. Brantley W. A. &Taylor K. B. (2015). Comparisons of speech anxiety in basic public speaking courses: Are intensive or traditional semester courses better? Basic Communication Course Annual 27 (13) 117-140. Karla M. H. Joshua N. W. & Laurie L. H. (2014). Assessing success: the impacts of a fundamental of speech course on decreasing public speaking anxiety. Communication Education 63 (2) 124-135. DOI: 10.1080/03634523.2013.875213 Tsu-Chia H. (2012). A study on the EFL students' speech-related anxiety in Taiwan. International Journal of Research Studies in Language Learning 1(2) 3-18. Westwick J. (2014). Overcoming public speaking anxiety: practical applications for classroom instruction. Communication Studies and Theatre Faculty Publications 3. [...]

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Assignment 3: Tracking a Communication variable: Observing and Reporting (QUAL) exercise 1. Use the variable selected in assignment 2. 2. Review the how the variable has been studied in the past and ask: Have any studies observed its natural occurrence, that is, has any study examined the variable in the everyday lived experiences of people? Have any studies examined what the variable means to people (e.g., its personal importance, significance in their lives)? Has any study traced the development of the variable over the lifespan (e.g., its beginnings, changes over the lifespan, qualities during a particular lifespan stage)? 3. Select ONE aspect of the variable that has yet to be studied (e.g., its personal meaning to emerging adults). 4. Recruit ONE person in the age range of 18-50 and ONE person on the age range 51-100. 5. Conduct ONE interview about this aspect of the variable with each. Your goal of the interview is to learn about this quality of the variable (it is also OK to simply want to learn more about the variable itself) for these two people. 6. This is a classroom exercise and not a formal research study. IF it were a formal research study you would need it reviewed by the IRB before conducting the study. The purpose of the assignment is to practice some basic interviewing and interviewing analysis skills 7. Record the interview. 8. Then type of what each person says. 9. Write a paper your you use the six questions to summarize the study: a. What was studied? Use the past literature from assignment 2. b. Who was studied? c. How were data collected? d. How were data analyzed? e. What conclusions can be made? f. If this were a “real” study, how and to whom will might results/conclusions be reported? 10. Follow APA Style in writing up the paper. Maximum length is 10 pages (not including references). I've attached my annotated bibliography from my last assignment.

Subject Area: Communications

Document Type: Dissertation

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