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Ethics in relation to finance/accounting/economics.

Prepare a paper 5pages that discusses the issue of ethics in relation to finance/accounting/economics. You can choose one area to focus on, or you can do something that integrates all three areas. Include examples in your paper, both of the good and the bad. Be sure to have a major theme for your paper - for example - How corporate greed is impacting ethical behavior. You decide the focus. Be sure to be a graduate thinker in your paper and to present multiple sides to your presentation. For example - with the above topic - someone could argue that corporate greed hasn't had any more or less of an impact on ehtical behavior than anything else - and they can argue that the current environment has promoted unethical behaviors - it can be looked at in multiple ways. Be sure you are using APA and that you include references to back up your statements and conclusions.
Prepare a paper 5pages that discusses the issue of ethics in relation to finance/accounting/economics. You can choose one area to focus on, or you can do something that integrates all three areas. Include examples in your paper, both of the good and the bad. Be sure to have a major theme for your paper - for example - How corporate greed is impacting ethical behavior.
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