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Black Studies Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Black Studies The three important commitments in the mission of black studies include cultural grounding academic excellence and social responsibility (Karenga 2010). Cultural grounding refers to a way of life and practice of African people basing on historical and current contexts. Academic excellence refers to African American capabilities to achieve the highest education levels. Social responsibility on the other hand entails the gaining of an understanding of the society and working collectively with others in the society to build up the concerning Egypt civilization is correct. I agree with the five overarching goals of Black Studies you mentioned. You only provided one criticism for the Eurocentric version. Your description that multiculturalism evolves from an American rooted in the past where Whites defined the protocols of American society is correct. It is right that the challenges Multiculturalism had over Black Studies are quality of education and just and good society. You have done an excellent job. References Karenga. (2010). Introduction to Black studies. Los Angeles CA: University of Sankore Press. [...]

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Textbook- Karenga, M. (2010). Introduction To Black Studies 4th Edition, Los Angeles: University of Sankore Press. Read Chapter 1-3 In order to receive the full 3 points for this discussion forum, participants must submit a quality post to answer the questions listed below and respond to a minimum of two of your classmates' postings. Discuss chapters 1-3 of the text. Give your response to the information related to those chapters (all info thus far). NOTE WRITE RESPONSE TO QUESTIONS WITH AT LEAST 200-275 WORDS AND GIVE 2 RESPONSES TO 2 CLASSMATES PLEASE MARK CLASSMATE 1 CLASSMATE 2 Discuss the 3 essential commitments in the mission of Black Studies. How do you interpret cultural grounding and its role in Black Studies? Discuss the five overarching goals of Black Studies. How do they relate to and reinforce the triple mission of Black Studies? What do you think are the most important ways Black Studies contributes to redefining the intellectual and social goals of knowledge in a multicultural context? Talk about the concept of sankofa, the rich legacy of ancient Egypt/Kemet and its impact on world history. When, where, why, and how did Black Studies begin as a discipline? Discuss the fundamental aspects of multiculturalism. What is the basic rationale for a multicultural education? What role did Black Studies play in the struggle for a multicultural education? What are some criticisms of the Eurocentric version and use of multiculturalism? What are some challenges multiculturalism poses for Black Studies? Classmate 1 The three commitments in the mission of Black Studies are cultural grounding, academic excellence, and social responsibility. Cultural grounding is the thought and practice of African people in their current and historical unfolding. Academic excellence entails that Black Studies scholars will commit to reaching the highest level of intellectual production and growth. Social responsibility is the African scholars responsibility of improving and understanding the world and play a part in changing it. Cultural grounding is the understanding of one's culture and background. In history, in order to move on to the future, one must first understand the events of the historical and cultural past. The five overarching goals are the search for truth and meaning in the history from a African viewpoint, an understanding of the experience of a character of African culture, an understanding of the value of being an human being in the world, a critique of human freedom that is rooted in class, race, and gender, and a cultivation that includes commitment, contribution to create a good world that is based on respect of other people that share a responsibility for the good world we all want. These relate to the triple mission of Black Studies because they give goals that go beyond the three commitments that is the mission of Black Studies. I think that the important ways that Black studies contributes to intellectual and social goals is that they give a purpose and a following as to how Black Studies can open the door to an understanding of what this culture of people have been through and what they want for the future. The impact that the sankofa has is that it is the foundation to improve the present and enhance the future, it depicts as a bird reaching back into its feathers. It is a part of the quest for knowledge and to discover and recover some important paradigms of African thoughts and practice. Black Studies became a discipline in the 1960's by those of African descent who were determined to fight for freedom, justice, equality, and power. Black Studies have opened up the discussions regarding all groups that have struggled with these common goals. Multiculturalism's aspects include that there must be mutual respect for everyone, mutual respect for people's rights and their right to speak their own truth, a commitment to respect mutual diversity and a commitment to share. The basic rational for multicultural education is mainly revolved around respect for diversity. A criticism that is rooted in a past where Whites define protocol of society and White culture is what others are forced to aspire to. Multiculturalism can challenge Black Studies because Black Studies are about having a good society overall and having good education. Classmate 2 The three essential commitments in the mission of black studies are cultural grounding, academic excellence and social responsibility. Cultural grounding is best defined in my opinion as your own "cultural truth in the academics of the country and elsewhere." (Karenga, P.26) Academic excellence and social responsibility speaks for its self. Knowledge is power and its our social responsibility to "build a good community, society and world." (Karenga, P.26) I interpret cultural grounding as having enough knowledge about your culture to never let anyone else's opinion or ideas break your conviction. Cultural grounding has an important role in black studies. Cultural grounding in black studies is used to teach a love and knowledge for our cultural history that is unwavering. The five goals of Black studies are 1.) the critical and persistent search for truth and meaning in human history and social reality from an African vantage point; 2.) a depthful intellectual grasp and appreciation of the ancient, rich, varied and instructive character of the African initiative and experience in the world. 3.) A rigorous intellectual challenge and alternative to established-order ways of viewing social and human reality; 4.) a moral critique and social policy correctives for social constraints on human freedom and development, especially those rooted in race, class and gender considerations; 5.) commitment and contribution of the historical project of creating a truly multicultural, democratic and just society and good world all humans want and deserve to live in. These five goals accurately reinforce the mission of Black studies. Each of the five goals reinforces at least the mission of social responsibility or cultural grounding. Specifically goals two and three reinforce the mission of academic excellence. I think Black Studies is helping redefine the intellectual and social goals of knowledge in a multicultural context by showing that knowledge is power and knowledge of your culture is even more empowering. The concept of Sankofa is about knowing your past and learning from it. Not dwelling in the past but learning from it and moving forward. Ancient Egypt lased for over 5,000 years. Kemet is argued the greatest civilization in known history. The official name of Egypt was kemet, Land of the Blacks or the Black Land. This is not common knowledge to the world and to this day I believe many people still do not know the truth about Ancient Egypt which impacts the world greatly and how people see Africans. Black Studies as a discipline started in the ancient societies like ancient Egypt, Mali and Songhay however, as a self- defined and organized discipline it started in the 1960s. Black studies started as a part of the African American struggle in the 1960s for freedom. "Black studies served as a useful model for other excluded and marginalized groups in their struggle for respected presence and rightful representation in the curriculum and on campus." (Karenga, P. 3) Some aspects of multiculturalism are Mutual respect for each persons and culture; mutual respect for each people's right and responsibility to speak their own cultural truth; mutual commitment to the constant search for common ground in the midst of diversity; mutual commitment to an ethics of sharing in order to build. The basic rational for a multicultural education is the thought and practice organized around respect for human diversity. "It is specifically the struggle for Black Studies that laid the ground for multicultural discourse and practice."(Karenga, P.52) Some criticisms of the Eurocentric version of multiculturalism was that it "evolves from an American rooted in the past where Whites defined the protocols of American society and white culture itself represented the example to which others were forced to aspire."(Karenga, P.51) Some challenges Multiculturalism posed for Black Studies was to define the new multicultural curriculum and the concept itself, and the realization that multiculturalism was a continuation of the struggle for a quality education and a just and good society.

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