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Annotated Bibliography: Personal Report of Public Speaking Anxiety Student’s Name Institution Annotated Bibliography Ashlock M. Z. Brantley W. A. &Taylor K. B. (2015). Comparisons of speech anxiety in basic public speaking courses: Are intensive or traditional semester courses better? Basic Communication Course Annual 27 (13) 117-140. The authors discuss public speaking in the field of communication. They assert that the study of public speaking is the core foundation upon which the subject of communication is built. The variable under discussion has been defined in relation to communication apprehension. Ashlock and colleagues establish communication apprehension is the level of a person’s fear and anxiety that is encountered when he or she about to engage in real and anticipated communication with another individual. They reiterate that anxiety is heightened whenever a person goes beyond the basic communication interaction while delivering a public speech. The exciting thing about the way the variable cope with public speaking anxiety. He used a couple of resources that helped to develop the article. Concerning the overall conclusion Westwick asserts that helping the student cope with anxiety is a vital concern for higher education and k-12 communication instructors. He further reiterates that cognitive modification exposure therapy and skills training are best strategies that can minimize student's anxiety through the public speaking course. The conclusion can be trusted as the basis upon which it was made is credible. The author utilized useful resources to assess student growth and development in line with public speaking. For example he used Hunter et al. (2014) used McCroksey’s (1970) Personal Report of Public Speaking Anxiety (PRPSA) which measured speaking anxiety through a 34-item Likert-scale. Last but not least examples of studies similar to Westwick’s can be reported in journal databases. For instance they can be published in Elsevier or Sage Journals. [...]

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Select ONE variable that somehow relates to communication (not a PSYCH or SOC variable) a. For example you might examine the list of variables and scales at: b. You can also examine books that contain variables: Rubin’s, Manusov’s, and 2. Head to the ODU Library ( 3. Click on data bases A- Z 4. Click on C. 5. Scroll down to Communication and Mass Media Complete and select it. 6. Type in your variable. 7. Begin locate Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) JOURNAL articles. 8. Review the articles in the list to see how the variable has been studied using QUANT methods and QUAL methods. a. You might check other relevant data bases in ODU’s system for APA Psy Net, 9. Write an essay where you tell the reader across the six basic questions what has been going on with the variable: a. What has been studied? That is, how the variable has been defined in these studies? All the same definitions? Different? b. Who has been studied? Summarize across these studies (e.g., the number and demographics). Especially pay attention to the AGE of participants. c. How has data been collected about the variable? What kinds of studies have been done on the variable? Experiment? Survey? Content Analysis? Ethnography? Meta-analysis? What kinds of scales? d. How has the data been analyzed (e.g., statistically)? e. What are the overall conclusions of these studies? Can we trust the conclusions? f. What’s the kinds of places where these studies are reported? National journals? Regional journals? Conference papers? 10. Follow the APA Publication Manual (6th ed) and write this as a paper organized using these six subheadings, of not more than 10 pages (not including reference lists). For help with APA head to:

Subject Area: Communications

Document Type: Capstone Project

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