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Philosophy 1301 Critical Analysis Paper- 3 theories of life’s meaning- theism, nihilism, and subjectivism (Example)

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Theories of Life's Meaning Name Institution Professor Date Outline 1. Introduction 2. Evaluation of Atheism Definition of atheism Explanation of the four aspects of atheism 3. Evaluation of Subjectivism Definition of subjectivism Explanation of the two arguments in the theory Reasons why subjectivism isn't persuasive 4. Evaluation of Nihilism Definition of Nihilism Explanation of Landau's views of nihilism How naturalistic coherencies counter Landau 5. Supportive argument for why atheism is more persuasive. Use of Aquinas' and Kant's arguments to support atheism. 6. Conclusion. From a philosophical point of view there are three major theories that explain life's meaning. These theories include atheism nihilism and subjectivism. Various philosophers have attempted to analyze these theories but they have not achieved an agreement on which of the three is the most persuasive and valid. After a critical analysis of the three theories of life's meaning I believe that theism is the most evaluative-effective which form the model of faith. Subjectivism holds that a person performs a certain action if they believe that the action will yield something that they want. Nihilism on the other hand hold that life does not have any meaning. For instance a person may find happiness in torturing others. Nihilism is also not persuasive because naturalism coherencies have shown that life has to mean. Atheism is therefore more persuasive than the other theories. Bibliography BIBLIOGRAPHY \l 1033 Eklund Dan-John. "The nature of faith in analytic theistic philosophy of religion." International Journal of Philosophy of Religion 2016: 93-96. Evans C. Stephen. Moral Argument for the Existence of God. June 12 2014. (accessed December 15 2017). Sobel David. "Subjectivism and Blame." Canadian Journal of Philosophy 149-167. Thagard Paul. "Nihilism skepticism and philosophycal method: A response to Landau on coherence and the mening of life." Philosophycal Psychology 2013: 620-621. [...]

Order Description:

At the end of the semester, students are expected to submit a four page, double-spaced Critical Analysis Paper (CAP) and outline. The length requirement does not include the title, outline, or work cited pages. Instructions, paper topic, and grading criteria for the CAP are in a separate folder. The paper score will not be dropped. CAP topic: Discuss and evaluate the three theories of life’s meaning: theism, nihilism, and subjectivism. Which theory do you find to be the most persuasive and why? CAP Instructions: Writing Tips: Think of the CAP as a well-researched persuasive/argumentative paper. Imagine that you are trying to persuade an intelligent, but uninformed reader of your conclusion, which is encapsulated in your thesis statement. The last sentence of your introductory paragraph should be your thesis statement. A common problem that I see is that the thesis statement is way too broad. Be sure to narrow it down sufficiently to write a well-written paper in 4-6 pages. • The paper should consist of the reasoned defense of some claim, which is stated in your thesis statement. • A good paper is modest and makes a small point; but it makes that point clearly and straightforwardly, and it offers good reasons in support of it. • Make the structure of your paper obvious. Include a short outline of the main points of your paper. • Be concise, but explain yourself fully. Some Possible Writing Strategies The paper has to do substantive work, not merely regurgitate an author’s main points (although, of course, it is important for you to restate an author’s position before criticizing it). Some possibilities are: Criticize an argument; or show that certain arguments for the thesis are no good. Defend the argument or thesis against someone else's criticism. Offer reasons to believe the thesis. Offer counterexamples to the thesis. Requirements of the Paper You must cite at least two academic sources (such as journal articles, books, websites, etc.). Make sure those sources are academically reputable. Since web addresses change constantly, you can find the website by googling its name. Be careful of satire websites or fake news. Some good websites include the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Philosopher’s Imprint, and the numerous electronic databases that the school library carries. Possible outside sources include books, journal articles, magazines, databases, Websites, videos, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and almanacs. When possible, try to cite from recent sources. Make sure you evaluate your online sources for trustworthiness and credibility. Papers should either be in Microsoft Word format (.doc). Upload to Canvas by the due date towards the end of the semester. Four-to-six pages, double-spaced, Times New Roman font, 12-point, one-inch margins. MLA or Chicago system of citation. Include a cover page that contains the title of the paper, your name, my name, the date, and the class (e.g., PHIL 1301.710 or MW 10:10 AM). Include a short outline of the main points of your paper and include it after the title page. You are allowed to write in the first person. Also, include page numbers on the chicago format

Subject Area: Philosophy

Document Type: Reports

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