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Is it time to retire the Theory of Planned Behaviour? (Example)

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Is it Time to Retire the Theory of Planned Behavior? Student’s Name Institution Introduction The theory of Planned Behavior tends to explain human behaviors by relating them to planned behaviors. There are four variables that explain the planned behaviors in health science; the variables include attitude Subjective norm behavior intention and the beliefs. However current studies have criticized the arguments on the basis of the number of explanatory measures as well as the assumptions of the study. Conceptual Basis of Theory of Planned Behavior The Theory of Planned Behavior links the behavior of individuals with their beliefs. The model was suggested by Icek Ajzen with the aim of forecasting the power of the theory of reasoned action through including the understood behavioral control (Ajzen 1991). Over the years the model has been used to study human relations beliefs behavioral intentions as well as the attitude of a person. The Godin G. Sheeran P. & Germain M. (2013). Some feelings are more important: Cognitive attitudes anticipated affect and blood donation. Health Psychology 32(3) 264. Gardner B. de Bruijin G. J. & Lally P. (2011). A systematic review and meta-analysis of applications of the self-report habit index to nutrition and physical activity behavior. Annals of behavioral medicine 42(2) 174-187. Kiene S. M. Hopwood S. Lule H. & Wanyenze R. K. (2014). An empirical test of the Theory of Planned Behavior apllied to the contraceptive use in rural Uganda. Journal of health psychology 19(12) 1564-1575. McEachan R. R. C. Conner M. Taylor N. J. & Lawton R. J. (2011). Prospective prediction of health-related behavior: A meta-analysis. Health Psychology Review 5(2) 97-144. Ogden J. (2015). Time to retire the theory of planned behavior?: one of us will have to go! A commentary on Sniehotta Presseau and Araujo-soares. Health psychology review 9(2) 165-167. [...]

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According to Ogden (2003) health psychology theories, social cognition models in particular, do not meet “the criteria set for a good theory. If they are to be given the status of theories, then it is recommended that the critical eye that psychologists place on other areas of research also be cast on this one.” More recently Sniehotta (2014) has suggested that "The Theory of Planned Behaviour (TPB) is no longer a plausible theory of behaviour or behaviour change" and should be "retired." Your task is to cast a critical eye on the TPB and come to your own conclusion as to whether it should be retired or not. In doing so, you may want to consider some of the following questions: what is the conceptual basis of the model; how does it conceptualise the determinants of behaviour and behaviour change; what is the empirical evidence for the model and its components; are there other factors that might be equally important in determining behaviour, at the individual, group and/or population level, that the model does not include; does it or does it not meet the criteria for a "good" theory; can a theory be useful even if it is not “good”; how does research and theory in other fields, such as neuropsychology, philosophy and sociology complicate or even contradict the model? Your answer should conclude by describing how you think research in the area of predicting and changing behaviour might best progress, and if that progress involves modifying and improving the TPB or abandoning it all together. As a bare minimum, students will be expected to describe the conceptual basis of the model and clearly describe how it conceptualises the determinants of behaviour and behaviour change. They should also demonstrate an understanding of the empirical support for the model, and how the model has (or has not) evolved in line with empirical research Better answers will demonstrate a critical awareness of the wider context in which health psychology models are employed. For instance, they might include the importance of socio-economic or cultural determinants of behaviour. They will also show an ability to engage theoretically with the models by, for instance, critiquing the notion of the causal link between intention and behaviour from a wider psychological or philosophical perspective. Excellent answers will have a clear vision of how research into behaviour and behaviour change is currently progressing and will suggest how we may best move forward. The essay should be clearly written, with appropriate referencing, in APA format, from a range of sources. Stylistically, the essay should be clearly written and students are encouraged to break up the text into clear sections with headings.

Subject Area: Psychology

Document Type: Reports

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