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SUBJECT AREA Criminology
DOCUMENT TYPE Research Proposal
CREATED ON 29th November 2017
COMPLETED ON 1st December 2017
10 offers received.
Expert hired: Rama Kilel

Lowering Recidivism Through Volunteer Faith-Based Organizations

I have posted written instructions below of what needs to be in the paper. I have a deadline of November 30th 2017. I would need to have it done no latter than 8:00am pacific time so I could review and print and sent to me in "word". I would like to keep the proposal if possible geared towards the State of Oregon or at least on the west coast. If needed I may be able to stretch the time out to December 1st. Thank you.
I have posted written instructions below of what needs to be in the paper. I have a deadline of November 30th 2017. I would need to have it done no latter than 8:00am pacific time so I could review and print and sent to me in "word". I would like to keep the proposal if possible geared towards the State of Oregon or at least on the west coast.
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