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CREATED ON 21st November 2017
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Adressing Indigenous and non-Indigenous contexts in reen Grass Running Water

Write a synthesis of critical responses to Thomas King’s Green Grass Running Water. Your basic task is to determine what issues have shaped critical responses to this novel. But you will need to focus your synthesis; choose one of the following questions to help you to focus and organize your paper. Remember, you will need to develop a thesis that makes conclusions about the critical response. This is a research paper, and so your synthesis must be based on at least four sources. Two of them must be academic articles, but you might also look at book reviews or other popular cultural responses to the text. QUESTION: Examine how the novel is addressed in Indigenous and non-Indigenous contexts. In this case, you might look at assumptions the critics make about readership or the underlying worldview and mythic influences of the novel, for example
Write a synthesis of critical responses to Thomas King’s Green Grass Running Water. Your basic task is to determine what issues have shaped critical responses to this novel. But you will need to focus your synthesis; choose one of the following questions to help you to focus and organize your paper. Remember, you will need to develop a thesis that makes conclusions about the critical response.
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