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A Proposal to Establish a Centre for Design, Innovation and Technology

A 750 word proposal to establish a “Centre for Design, Innovation and Technology in a reputed academic University The proposal should contain the following: 1) A Brief Description/Justification- About 300 Words 2) Objectives-200 Words 3) Thrust Area—300 Words. Guidelines / Tips:1) You can review similar established centers for inspiration. Resources/Models to consider before writing and my expectations are in attachment 2) Objectives and Thrust areas can be similar to other similar center’s but not the worded similarly.3) The proposals should not be plagiarized and should but similar themes and issues can be addressed. Resources and Notes-Upon Request
A 750 word proposal to establish a “Centre for Design, Innovation and Technology in a reputed academic University The proposal should contain the following: 1) A Brief Description/Justification- About 300 Words 2) Objectives-200 Words 3) Thrust Area—300 Words. Guidelines / Tips:1) You can review similar established centers for inspiration. Resources/Models to consider before writing and my expectations are in attachment 2) Objectives and Thrust areas can be similar to other similar center’s but not the worded similarly.3) The proposals should not be plagiarized and should but similar themes and issues can be addressed.
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