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Simulated Program Planning Project for Children in Detention Centers

Age 6 to 17 - Manhattan is the Community Simulated Program Planning Project Please use the following descriptions to help you complete your project (paying close attention to the planning and evaluation requirements): Assessment: o Provide a brief overview of the history of the community o Provide demographics of the community • I.e. race, age, median household income, rates of poverty, enrollments in public assistance programs, types of households, etc. ** o General health status/information of the community o Oral health status/information of the community o Existing resources available relating to health • Some points to consider: Is there a lack of interest or a lack of resources? Is there access to care? Is there mass transportation? What is the community’s infrastructure like? ** Community Diagnosis: o Based on the assessments, state the community diagnosis o Who is included in the target population? o What is the oral health concern of the target population? o It is possible that more than one oral health concern will be identified. They should be prioritized and the most pertinent should be addressed in the program. Planning: o State at least ONE program goal o State at least TWO program objectives • At least ONE objective should be a SMART objective that the group creates • At least ONE objective should come from HealthyPeople2020 (state the objective and describe how the program will address this) o Who are the stakeholders? o When will the program occur? o Create a logic model using the one provided or create one using a similar template and containing the same categories Evaluation: o How will the program be evaluated? o Consider formative vs. summative evaluation methods o Provide examples of evaluation methods ** • If creating a survey, provide several questions that will be included • If you will conduct interviews, provide several questions that will be asked • If you will hold focus groups or in person interviews, will incentives be offered? • If using age appropriate quizzes, provide pictures or examples or what will be used Grammar/Citation/Format: o Proper grammar/writing style should be utilized throughout the paper o The paper should be cohesive, and it should not be apparent if different sections were completed by different students o Citations should be in AMA format and should include both in-text citations as well as a works cited page o Please include a cover page with a name for the program plan you are creating, as well as all group members’ names ** These examples/lists are not exhaustive. They are just ideas to get you started. Depending on your program and target population some of these examples may not be appropriate, and some may be better addressed using other methods. A logic model is a way to quickly break down your program to give anyone it may effect (the stakeholders) more of a visual. It helps demonstrate how the program is expected to run. This information is already provided in the resources posted, but I’m posting some descriptions to each category below, to give you more of a concise explanation.
Age 6 to 17 - Manhattan is the Community Simulated Program Planning Project Please use the following descriptions to help you complete your project (paying close attention to the planning and evaluation requirements): Assessment: o Provide a brief overview of the history of the community o Provide demographics of the community • I.e. race, age, median household income, rates of poverty, enrollments in public assistance programs, types of households, etc. ** o General health status/information of the community o Oral health status/information of the community o Existing resources available relating to health • Some points to consider: Is there a lack of interest or a lack of resources? Is there access to care?
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