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The psychological impact of segregation on inmates

Literature review and critique of any issue relating to psychology and the criminal justice system that is of theoretical, empirical and practical importance. Sample topics will be provided. Up to 10 pages (typed double space) in APA format. The Psychology of Criminal Behaviour (PSYC 230) Grading System for Papers (2011/12) Introduction (4 points) • broadly introduce the topic and discuss its relevance to the psychology of criminal behaviour and to society in general • give a brief outline or overview of your paper • clearly state your objective in writing this paper or any hypotheses you might have Body (12 points) • cite relevant articles in organized, orderly fashion in order to build your argument. • provide a critique of the articles you cite. • how does your paper relate to the psychology of criminal behaviour? • how strong is the argument you provide? • are there other theories and did you refute other possible arguments? Conclusion (4 points) • review the major points of your paper. • what are the implications of your findings for psychology and society? • make a conclusion statement. Overall (5 points) • comprehensiveness and thoroughness of paper and extent to which you have investigated your topic. • does your argument follow a logical path? • are there links between topics? • writing style: references in APA format, use of headings and subheadings. • grammar and spelling. • references: books, chapters and research journal articles, recent and relevant. In order to write a reasonably in-depth paper, your topic must be reasonably specific. Broad, general issues such as 'the causes of crime' or 'juvenile delinquency' are not acceptable. Papers must provide a review of the theoretical and research literature on a specific criminal justice topic or issue and include a critique of the literature. You should have a least about a dozen references. You may include internet references (appropriately cited), but paper should not rely exclusively on this sort of reference. You should aim for 8 to 10 pages of text, plus title and reference pages. Less than 7 pages means you have not provided a sufficiently in depth paper or you chose a topic that has not been sufficiently studied or researched ----------------------------- Psychology 230.3 (Section 1) The Psychology of Criminal Behaviour TO BE SUBMITTED BY November 4, preferably earlier. Dr. Steve Wormith Arts 180 2016/17 966-6818 Term Paper Proposal Name: ___Tatjana Arsic_____________________________ Student Number: 11218009 General Topic Area/Theme: - the psychological impact on inmates due to segregation. ________________________________________________________________________ Potential (Working) Title: Propose a title that describes what you plan to address, helps you direct your thoughts, and captures the interest of your potential readers - The Psychological Impact on Inmates in Segregation ____________________________________________________________________ Outline or description of paper, or provide an anticipated Table of Contents that will describe the sections and sequence of topics covered in your paper: - The history of prison segregation -The pros and cons of prison segregation ( protection from members, dividing younger offenders from the rest of the offenders, etc. - The impact of segregation on inmates and why - Ways to correct these mistakes and how to maintain healthy psychological health in inmates while still maintaining corrective measures. References and information source(s) you have found and plan to use. Get use to APA format: Author (date) Title, Book or Journal, volume, pages. Must include at least one NON-website reference (ie book, book chapter, or journal article). See text for examples. - Browne, A., Cambier, A., & Agha, S. (2011). Prisons Within Prisons: The Use of Segregation in the United States. Federal Sentencing Reporter, 24(1), 46-49. doi:10.1525/fsr.2011.24.1.46 - Supplementary Submission of the OHRC to the MCSCS Provincial Segregation Review. (n.d.). Retrieved November 16, 2017, from - Http:// (2017). doi:10.18411/a-2017-023 Approval: _______________________ Date: _________________________ This (approved) form must be signed by the instructor and submitted with the paper. Prof reply and approval got it... aa good topic, probably better worded as the psychological impact of segregation on unmates. note there are two opposing sides to this debate. find some journal articles... look for Craig Haney, Paul Gendreau and the Correctional Investigator of Correctional Services Cananda.
Literature review and critique of any issue relating to psychology and the criminal justice system that is of theoretical, empirical and practical importance. Sample topics will be provided. Up to 10 pages (typed double space) in APA format. The Psychology of Criminal Behaviour (PSYC 230) Grading System for Papers (2011/12) Introduction (4 points) • broadly introduce the topic and discuss its relevance to the psychology of criminal behaviour and to society in general • give a brief outline or overview of your paper • clearly state your objective in writing this paper or any hypotheses you might have Body (12 points) • cite relevant articles in organized, orderly fashion in order to build your argument.
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