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MKT2031 Issues in Small Business and Entrepreneurship

You are required to write a literature review of 2500 words based upon study related to the first part of the module. Using the title below the literature review must consider the academic research and journal articles relating to the topic given. The literature review requires an academic style of writing and the use of journal articles and text books to provide the basis for the understanding of the topic. The key to a good literature review is to use the reading to build an effective discussion around the topic and to reference accurately. You may use your own views in the conclusion but not in the body of the review, that must contain the views, research and opinions of the experts who have studied this topic. Use the following title: ‘Small Business growth is solely dependent on the skills of the entrepreneur and their attitude towards risk.’ Discuss You will be provided with selection of relevant journal articles on NILE as a starting point. You are allowed to use a maximum of 4 of these then you are required to identify a minimum of a further 6 articles or text books to incorporate into your analysis. A minimum of 10 academic references is required for this literature review. Marking Criteria A clear and logical structure Critical analysis of the literature Logical development of discussion and analysis A good range of source material A clear evaluation of the issues in the conclusion Clearly and accurately referenced using the Harvard system Written in good Business English suitable for an employer with attention given to spelling, grammar and presentation.
You are required to write a literature review of 2500 words based upon study related to the first part of the module. Using the title below the literature review must consider the academic research and journal articles relating to the topic given. The literature review requires an academic style of writing and the use of journal articles and text books to provide the basis for the understanding of the topic. The key to a good literature review is to use the reading to build an effective discussion around the topic and to reference accurately.
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