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Ancient Greece (Example)

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Ancient Greece – Sophocles Antigone Antigone is an ancient Greece play written by Sophocles. The actions of the play are followed by the civil war in Theban in which the two brothers Polynices and Eteocles died as they were fighting for the throne of Thebes. This comes after the refusal of Eteocles to surrender the crown to Polynices as by their father’s prescription. Creon who becomes the new ruler made a declaration for Eteocles to be honored by burying his body while Polynices is to be disgraced by leaving his body on the battlefield. The play is named after Antigone who is the daughter of Oedipus although the entire plot is basically about Creon who is her uncle. This essay follows the chronology of tragic events and repercussions resulting and folly too late and he pays the price dearly with the lives of his wife and son. Creon blamed himself for everything that had occurred and this makes him fade away a broken man with no family and probably no followers. “There is no escape from the doom we must endure….whatever I touch goes wrong” (574) He had protected the rule of law and the order that he had placed a lot of value but his actions were against the gods and that resulted in the loss of his family. The series of deaths that befell Thebans leaves a final and lasting impression of liberation and emptying of all the emotions with all the passion already spent. It is true that indeed the proud are punished by gods the same punishment also brings wisdom. [...]

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PAPER #1 DIRECTIONS Format: Paper should be 3-4 pages in length, double-spaced, with 12 point Times or Arial font. A simple heading on the left with name, date, and course is sufficient. A centered title should indicate the topic and/or theme of your paper. Topic: Any topic from Homer (Iliad or Odyssey or both) is acceptable. Hesiod and the Pre-Socratic philosophers are available for topics as well. Suggestions include: Mortality, honor, piety/impiety, fate, etc. These should be connected to appropriate characters. Argument: Papers must have an argument of some kind. No "book reports." Papers must begin with a clear thesis statement somewhere in the introductory paragraph. This statement should tell me what you are attempting to demonstrate in your paper. For example, "In this paper, I will demonstrate that Achilles is incomplete with Hector and I will accomplish this by first.... and then...." Note that this example provides a specific argument along with a method of demonstration. A poor thesis would be "I am going to talk about Achilles." Evidence/Sources: You may use our textbook (or class handouts) only. Papers without quotations will lose points. All references to ideas within the narratives should be cited with page number(s). For example, if you bring up the significance of Hector's request for his wife to pray for him, cite the page number in parentheses after your sentence is finished, as in (145). Papers without cited references of this kind will lose points in this area. Basically, back up everything you say with a citation of specific page numbers; tell me where you are getting your information. Sentences which do not make specific claims about the narratives, but only indicate your evaluation of them or make generic claims, like "the gods are often cruel" do not need citations. Of course, citing that example with some specific instances would make your paper stronger. Plagiarism Warning: Papers with evidence of plagiarism will receive zeros. How does one avoid plagiarism? It's simple in this class. Don't read, watch, or listen to anything other than your textbook. Note: What I, the instructor, cover in class is fair game. You do not need to cite me. I expect students to make use of my observations. However, word for word quotes from me would be ill-placed and a lack of original thought would be penalized if the student relies too heavily on instructor material or quotations from the book (though, either would not constitute plagiarism). All papers will be analyzed with Turnitin technology. Submission: Please print out and staple your papers and submit an electronic copy to this assignment drop box (in Word or PDF form only). PAPER #2 DIRECTIONS Follow the same directions as the first paper, but this time choose a topic from a reading done/discussed after Homer. I would suggest Aeschylus or Sophocles. It would be a good idea to review any recommendations made by the instructor for improvement (from paper #1). THE ATTACHED FILE IS MY 1ST PAPER I WROTE PAGES IN BOOK TO USE FOR QUOTES. Hesiod, Theogony,786-792PreSocratics, Handout on CanvasHomer, Iliad, 107-205Virgil, Aeneid, Book II, 952-974Homer, Odyssey, 206-495Sappho, Lyrics, 497-501Aeschylus, Oresteia, 506-606Sophocles, Oedipus and Antigone, 612-688Euripides, Medea, 688-720Aristophanes, Lysistrata, 722-756Aristophanes, Assemblywomen and Wasps, Links on CanvasPlato, Symposium, Link on CanvasAristotle, Poetics, 780-784Thucydides, Peloponnesian WarPlato, Apology and Republic, 758-799; 817-824Aristotle, Physics, Metaphysics, Soul, Ethics, 826-836The Cynics, Handout on CanvasEpictetus, Handout on Canvas

Subject Area: Literature

Document Type: Reports

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