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Chapter 15: Gender and Leadership (Example)

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Gender and Leadership Original Post Bridging the leadership gap would require the efforts of all the stakeholders in leadership positions to eliminate any form of gender bias and stereotypic behaviors. This would involve quelling any stereotypical myths that segregate roles on the gender basis since such practices is believed to be masculine roles and executing them perfectly while maintaining a feminine leadership style at the same time. It is realistic that women have started seizing the opportunities in leadership in highly ranked positions such President Vice President among others originally believed to be masculine. [...]

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Discussion Posts: Students are expected to actively participate in class discussions, via the discussion board in BB Learn. Participation is required for success in the course. The instructor will post 10 discussion prompts on the board (each worth 10 points for a course total opportunity of 100 points). To be eligible for full credit, students must respond to the instructor’s original post (may earn up to 6 points), and at LEAST two classmates (worth up to an additional two points each). Points earned are based on content, support, detail, organization, and mechanics. I will post the second person response tomorrow. 150 original post 60 first classmate response 60 second classmate response Instructions: How much of an influence do you think changing family structures have had on the way we think about leadership today? In what ways did your family of origin influence your leadership motivations or capabilities? 150 words original post: I will post the two peer comments when I get them 60 words first classmate response: 60 words second classmate response: 150 original post 60 first classmate response 60 second classmate response  Chapter 15 Posted on: Thursday, November 2, 2017 10:52:00 AM CDT This chapter is a quick read, with potential for some definite opinions on the topic! It is an interesting read and I hope you all consider how it relates to your current or previous jobs. Studies in gender and leadership ask the questions: "Do men and women lead differently" and "Are men more effective leaders than women (or vice-versa)?" We also look at, "Why are women underrepresented in elite leadership roles." This chapter contains lots of stats that show the discrepency between education completion and levels of success achieved by women in "climbing the ladder." "Glass ceiling" has been replaced with the "Leadership Labyrinth". This shows the distinction between rising to the top and getting stopped and fighting your way to the top the entire journey. "The gender gap in leadership is a global phenomenon whereby women are disproportionately concentrated in lower-level and lower-authority leadership positions compared to men." (page 399) Figure 15.1: causes for the leadership labyrinth "...women's greater use of democratic style appears to be adaptive in that they are using the style that produces the most favorable evaluations." (page 402) "Another gender difference that advantages men in leadership is that men are more likely than women to ask for what they want." (page 403) Stereotypes: overgeneralizations. Your book calls stereotypes "cognitive shortcuts", which I believe is quite fitting! However, we are seeing a shift in organizations that are starting to value flexible workers and diversity at the top. This creates opportunities for women. Figure 15.2 Leadership Effectiveness: page 407 Transformational leadership is beneficial to women because it is not inherently masculine. Women in high leadership roles will/is on the rise because: • changes in workplace norms • opportunities for women • more equity in domestic roles • negotiation opportunities in regards to work-life balance • women-owned businesses on the rise Strengths of research in gender and leadership studies • helps to dispel myths about appropriate gender roles • focuses on barriers of women in leadership roles • serves as a basis for fights for equality Weaknesses • hard to generalize across cultures • complicated by issues of gender equality in the home as well Instructions What does bridging the leadership gap involve? What factors have converged to contribute to leadership effectiveness and the rise of female leaders? Give examples from your own experiences or observations that you feel apply to information/examples given in this section. 150 original post 60 first classmate response I will post both the response once I get them 60 second classmate response 

Subject Area: Communications

Document Type: Paraphrasing

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