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Literature Paper----Due in 5 hours (Example)

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Name Institution Date The American Dream Introduction The American dream is the people’s ideal view that the US government should protect and assure each’s opportunity to pursue their way of happiness. Regardless of the source of joy a person wants the administration should guard and guarantee such thoughts at all times. The ideology of the American Dream arose after the country gained its independence from the Britain. The citizens were supposed to get the opportunity to enjoy the freedom and be proud to be in the US. Despite the fact that America had so many immigrants from the rest of the world especially Africa and Asia all the people at the independent were regarded as American citizens and thus had the right to pursue their happiness with no interference. The people believed that all men are created equal and that their Creator had endowed them with individual unalienable rights. integration and promote national unity. The values of the American dream as well hinder its achievement. Most of the people value personal experiences and satisfactory quality of life more than material possession. The treasures come with a cost and hence substantial wealth is crucial for the achievement of the dream. Conclusion Both the initial and the new American dreams are meant to the success of the citizens. As such every individual has a role to play in ensuring a peaceful and prosperous nation. Despite the many challenges facing the success of the dream American has achieved much through the efforts to realize it. For instance the racial discrimination witnessed in the mid-20th century is no more. Additionally democracy is fully established and the politicians respect the rule of law. However the government and the citizens have some role to play to facilitate the full realization of the American Dream. [...]

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This paper will be a more traditional persuasive essay. You will pick one of the issues below; form an opinion, and using examples from Hillbilly Elegy, the articles we have read, classroom discussions and your own personal experience and observations to support your opinion. Your argument in favor of your position should be strong and you should provide clear evidence from the resources listed above. Strive for clarity in your writing and your opinion, without demeaning or being over critical of differing viewpoints. This is YOUR opinion. At this point it doesn’t matter if anyone agrees with you or not; it does matter that you make a strong case for it. Here are the two options you may pick from: In Hillbilly Elegy, Vance talks a lot about the American Dream, either explicitly or implicitly. He definitely has some strong opinions about the American Dream and the ability of those from his own cultural background to achieve it. However, as we have talked about in class, the idea of the American Dream has changed over the past century. The New York Times article states, “[b] y 1950, shortly after World War II and the triumph against fascism, it was still about freedom and equality. In a book published in 1954, Peter Marshall, former chaplain of the United States Senate, defined the American Dream with spiritually resounding words: “Religious liberty to worship God according to the dictates of one’s own conscience and equal opportunity for all men,” he said, “are the twin pillars of the American Dream.”” Twenty years later in the 1970s the meaning of the American Dream started taking on a more economic flavor, referring to material wealth and success. This idea is at the forefront of the Trump agenda (or so he says). If you choose this topic, your job is to define the American Dream from your own personal, cultural, age-related position. What does the American Dream mean to you, or someone from a similar background? How is this different or the same as the current view of the American Dream—the “Make America Great Again” mentality? How attainable is it for you or those from your background? What are some ways that we, as a culture or society, can help you achieve the American Dream according to your values? Can our country survive if we all have different opinions of what the American Dream entails? Should we all be on the same page or not? What is standing in the way, making it difficult to reach? Or is it easy? These are some questions to ponder and reflect on as you prepare to write your paper. Another common theme in the book is the idea that access to good education and “social capital” are necessary for children coming from poverty stricken subcultures in the United States. Equal access has been a major talking point in many political and policy discussions in this country. I’m not sure that many would argue that equal access to educational opportunities is a bad thing, but one question that Vance highlights in his book is, “how do we reconcile the issue of quality educational opportunities with the very common occurrence of traumatic and dysfunctional living situations that many children live in today?” It has been well documented and is just plain common sense that a child who has a volatile and often violent home life is in no position to learn, even if he/she has the best of educational opportunities. How would you address this problem? What kinds of solutions can you propose to give children in these situations a fighting chance? Is this the school system’s or the government’s responsibility to alleviate these kinds of social/family problems? If so, how? If not, then what do you propose? How can we help these families so that their children not only have access to good educational opportunities but also are able to focus their energies on learning rather than whether a parent will be high or drunk when they get home or whether they will suffer physical abuse in a place that is supposed to be safe, their homes? Again, use the information from the book, articles, classroom discussions, AND your own personal experiences and observations to make your case. A caution here: this is a big topic. Try to drill down into it and look at it from a smaller, different angle. If you would like to write on this issue, but are having trouble focusing your argument, come see me and I will help. GENERAL PAPER REQUIREMENTS: AT LEAST 1200 WORDS IN CORRECT MLA FORMAT (12 POINT FONT, TIMES NEW ROMAN OR CALIBRI, PROPER HEADING). MUST BE SUBMITTED AS A WORD DOCUMENT: .DOC OR .DOCX FORMAT. RELATIVELY FREE OF GRAMMAR, PUNCTUATION, AND SPELLING ERRORS.

Subject Area: Literature

Document Type: Reports

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