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Task 2 Facilitating learning through effective teaching (35%)

Note: Refer below for details of the tasks. I have 2 QAT Observation from my Mentor. This Task will talk about my improvement of teaching. First QAT I got 46D and the second QAT I got 55C.Meaning to say i have improve my teaching. 1. The mentor will observe your teaching to provide formative feedback for your reflective practice. 2. Submit your lesson plan together with your Mentor Observation Quality Observation Form (QAT) 3. Write in not more than 1000 words: a) Explain clearly how you developed your lesson and how it is linked to pupils’ previous learning. b) Provide reasons why you chose the approaches in your lesson. c) Discuss how you addressed the heterogeneous needs of your pupils in your lesson. d) Describe clearly how formative assessment was used to keep track of your pupils’ learning. e) Explain in what way/s your formative assessment was able to gauge your pupil’s learning. f) Identify and explain the strengths and limitations of your teaching and learning approaches that you think needs further improvement.
Note: Refer below for details of the tasks. I have 2 QAT Observation from my Mentor. This Task will talk about my improvement of teaching. First QAT I got 46D and the second QAT I got 55C.Meaning to say i have improve my teaching.
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