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Anthropology discussion. ONLY NEED 75 words within 1 hour.

Archaeologist Brian Fagan once wrote: "To archaeologists, the human past is owned by no one. It represents the cultural heritage of everyone who has ever lived on Earth or will live on it in the future. Archaeology puts all human societies on equal footing." Based on what you have read, watched, and listened to this week, provide a thoughtful reaction to what Dr. Fagan wrote. What does this mean to you.
Archaeologist Brian Fagan once wrote: "To archaeologists, the human past is owned by no one. It represents the cultural heritage of everyone who has ever lived on Earth or will live on it in the future. Archaeology puts all human societies on equal footing." Based on what you have read, watched, and listened to this week, provide a thoughtful reaction to what Dr. Fagan wrote.
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