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Sierra Pacific Industries v. Carter (1980) 104 C.A. 3d 579

Please answer the questions regarding the Sierra Pacific Industries v. Carter (1980) 104 C.A. 3d 579. 1. Discuss all of the Issue/issues of this case. (Issue is a disputed point or question to which parties to a lawsuit put before a court to decide) 2. Identify the Rule - identify the rules of law or previous court decisions this court used to determine the outcome of this case. 3. Discuss (Analysis) - discuss the specific facts of this case, the parties involved, and how the court applied the rules (item #2) to this case. 4. Conclusion - who was the prevailing party in this case? What was the final outcome of this case?
Please answer the questions regarding the Sierra Pacific Industries v. Carter (1980) 104 C.A. 3d 579. 1.
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