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CREATED ON 28th September 2017
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IT Systems Acquisition Lifecycle and Business Process Modeling

1) In 2 pages compare and contrast a typical IT system development life cycle with a typical IT system acquisition life cycle. Attach your comparison and contrast document here. Don't forget to cite your references! 2) Develop one or two PowerPoint slides to include your main points of comparison and contrast for question 1 above. Post these slides to the discussion on IT Life-cycles along with some notes to cover in presenting them. As you think about these matters, try to find connections among the Life-cycles, IT business value, IT sourcing, etc. *** PLEASE PROVIDE A WORK CITED PAGE AT THE END OF REPORT
1) In 2 pages compare and contrast a typical IT system development life cycle with a typical IT system acquisition life cycle. Attach your comparison and contrast document here. Don't forget to cite your references! 2) Develop one or two PowerPoint slides to include your main points of comparison and contrast for question 1 above.
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