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Lying and Deceit in Human Interaction journal (Example)

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Lying and Deceit in Human Interaction journal Lying and deceit are some of the vile human attributes which have led to precarious social political and economic activities all along history. Lies and deceit have caused wars or avoided them caused economic uncertainties political tensions and negative cultural labeling. Additionally they have resulted to both the agony of the child of wondering about death and losing convictions about faith and belief. Therefore the immorality of lying and deceit is relative and depends on the situation in which they are applied. Some lies could be used as selfish ventures while others lie told and function as delayed truths or misstatements. [...]

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COMM 3319 Journal Journal: I will expect you to keep a Journal. Put your name at the top, and each time you add to the Journal place the date and your response/thoughts above the assignment. In this way I can see the whole of your work as a sequence. For example, if the assignment says, “Write a one-page double-spaced opinion about the article in the assignment,” simply add it to the previous week’s writing, but as a separate part. weekly assignment. For example, if I ask you to post your thoughts about something I want you to put your name, the course number (like COMM 3319), and the date at the top of your post. I expect 250 words in each post. Each time you post a new reflection about the assignment I want you to add it to the last posting. In this manner, I can see the continuity of your writing, as well as the date you posted. I can also see if you did not post. I will post the weekly assignment on Blackboard. You will see the weekly assignment in Course Content. Instructions : Hello 3319, I am calling an audible. I am substituting an assignment called Lying and Deceit. See the attachment and tell me why you think our society has come to accept lying as normal, and deceit as inevitable. President Trump, for example, has been caught in numerous lies (or misstatements if you prefer), yet many people are not troubled by these fact. One example is his claim that Obama wiretapped him in the Trump Tower, but the U.S. Justice Department announced they have no evidence of this happening. Still, Trump insists it is true. What do you think? Lying and Deceit in Human Interaction Our early ancestors, in order to survive, had to practice “reciprocal altruism,” by working effectively in a social system based on trust, honesty, reliability, and mutual aid. Soon, however, people began to cheat, to take advantage of others. To reap the benefits of lying and deception, it has to be performed within a social systems that values and expects truthfulness. Study after study reveals that spouses lie to spouses (particularly about one of them having a relationship with another person), children lie to parents and teachers, salesmen and lawyers lie because it is normally sanctioned. Prisoners lie to police and it is expected. This convinces some that we are a society in decay—that duplicity is characteristic of a moral and ethical vacuum. Nyberg (1993) believes deception is so omnipresent because it is part and parcel of the way we conduct our everyday affairs; it is an inherent part of the way we communicate. Should we be concerned that lying and deception are so familiar to our society? Is all deception harmful, or even immoral? From several studies about lying: 1. Both men and women who were told to appear likeable and competent told significantly more lies than those who were not asked to present themselves in a particular way. 2. The more socially skilled an adolescent was, the more effective he or she was at deceiving. 3. Children and adults who are socially powerful (leaders) are also skilled at deceiving. 4. People who showed more expressiveness and social tact were more successful at deception than those who had less skill in those areas. 5. People who are polite and are trying not to hurt another person’s feelings are commonly associated with effective communication, even if they lie. 6. Sometimes loved ones want us to perpetuate a lie. 7. Telling a terminally ill child, when asked if he or she is going to die, may require an adaption of the knowledge known to the adult. Words are labels for things. They have no intrinsic connection to the things they denote. Thus they are abstractions that capture some qualities of the things they stand for and inevitably omit others. Kelly Ann Conway: “I was not lying. I was presenting an alternative version of the facts.” Richard Nixon: “I was not lying. I said things that later on seemed to be untrue.” Brian Williams: “I must have miss-remembered,” when asked about his helicopter being shot at.

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