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Crash and Sparks Part #2 (Example)

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Crash and Sparks Case Study Part #2 Frank A. Jackson Social Psychology and Behavioral Economics The Chicago School of Professional Psychology Evan Harrington Ph.D. 9/27/17 Introduction Crash and sparks company has to undergo some serious issues based on the failure of the company to meet its customer's demand for their components. This is a computer company and of late it has been having so the company has been undergoing challenges that have affected both the management team and the workforce team in general. The main fear of the management team is that workforce should not sacrifice the quality of the components that they deliver to its customers. This is a case study analysis report that has been done based on the situation that the company is undergoing. According to the report from the company itself the skilled employees are having some difficult time producing components that will meet the will work for a week. Conclusion In conclusion the management team especially Mr. Spark has to build his confidence especially in presence of the workers. Therefore if management team want to restore the company but not sacrifice the quality of the component they are delivering then communication and improve in workplace relationship has to be boosted. In this case the company will be ready to handle any situation from any department. References Ariely D. (2010). Predictably Irrational. The Power of Price. Doi: 10.1037/e653632011-003 Bem D. J. (1972). ADVANCES IN EXPERIMENTAL SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY. Self-Perception 6 1-10. Gilbert D. T. & Malone P. S. (1995). The correspondence bias. Psychological Bulletin 117(1) 21-38. doi:10.1037/0033-2909.117.1.21 Jones E. E. (1979). The rocky road from acts to dispositions. American Psychologist 34(2) 107-117. doi:10.1037//0003-066x.34.2.107 Nisbett R. E. & Wilson T. D. (1977). Psychological Review. Telling More Than We Can Know: Verbal Report on Mental Process 84(3). [...]

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The skilled assembly workers at CS are having a difficult time producing enough components to cover demand. These are salaried workers who are not required to participate in overtime hours (the vast majority decline to work overtime). Both Mr. Sparks and Ms. Crash agree that they do not want to hire more workers; instead they seek cost-effective ways of inspiring the current staff to do handle the job. You are asked to investigate and improve the productivity of the workers. The desired outcome is higher production, without sacrificing the quality of the components. Upon inspection you note that workers are indeed "slow", although there are really no defined goals for assembly or feedback for performance. Upon interviewing several of the workers, you are able to ascertain that there is a collective social norm in which overworking is frowned upon because it makes the rest of the workforce look bad in comparison. They even have a room where they sometimes take naps during the day. Their immediately supervisors are primarily concerned with quality control of the components that are being assembled, so they tolerate the nap room provided that it is not abused. The supervisors seem to have accepted the work pace on the assembly floor because the slow pace results in lower defect rates among the components. You notice that Mr. Sparks likes to randomly visit different areas of the company, and there seems to be little rhyme or reason to his giving compliments or criticism to employees. Additionally, the workers complain about the noise in the workspace, the crowding, and the frustration associated with the job, where they feel that the ambivalent approach of the top management makes it certain that hard work will not be noticed or rewarded. This leads them to procrastinate and often bicker. The workers are also worried about their jobs because they have picked up on the CEO’s apparent depression, and as a result rumors have spread that layoffs are coming. In order to attempt to motivate the skilled assembly workers, Mr. Sparks puts word out that he is looking for one individual from the skilled assembly workers to give an inspirational speech to the entire company. It is widely known that the person who was selected for this speech was given a stipend of $200. After making the inspirational speech, members of the workforce are overheard chatting about the speaker, calling him a “suck-up” and generally ignoring what he had to say. You cannot recommend firing anyone from this workforce, as Mr. Sparks believes that such a move would further erode morale. This option is off the table. For this assignment, I would like you to analyze the above scenario in light of the existing literature. Write this paper as an academic analysis. You are not role-playing a consultant here, instead I would like you to approach this as an academic task. Use the theories that we have encountered to try to explain the different behavioral and attitudinal elements in the description above. Try to stick to the literature that we have covered in class to date. As long as you are using the assigned literature, you may bring in outside sources as supplements. There are several different identifiable themes in the written scenario. For each of those themes (which you need to identify), use the literature to explain what is happening and try to use the literature to frame your suggestions for possible improvements. In other words, this is a critical analysis based on the literature where you use the literature to make recommendations for changes that should improve worker productivity. Your final text should be about 1200 words, slightly longer than the previous written assignment. Paper Requirements: Document Length: about 1200 words APA Format "Deadline is Monday the Sept. 25th at 5pm. CST"

Subject Area: Psychology

Document Type: Dissertation

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