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World Regional Geography Exam (Example)

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World Regional Geography Exam Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation World Regional Geography Exam QUESTION #1 Outline the major debates on globalization Globalization is the universal process of modifying an isolated world to that which is integrated. However many scholars have different opinion on its meaning and use hence occurrence of various debates about globalization. According to Ritzer & Atalay (2010) the major debates on globalization are: The meaning: Is globalization a Process or an international project? Interpretation - Does globalization mark a new era or there is nothing new on its course? Evaluation – Is globalization good or bad for the general world population? Culture- Does globalization favor cultural sameness or difference? Political – Does globalization translate to the end or revival of Nations/ States? Explanation- Is globalization hard or soft? The process of globalization occurs in various dimensions. These include: Economic globalization- this is the rising of interconnection of sides resumed after some period. However on 5th February 2010 Hillsborough Castle Agreement was signed between England and Ireland by their prime ministers Gordon Brown and Brian Cowen respectively. This agreement ushered in a new era of peace in Northern Ireland (Imbornoni Brunner & Rowen 2015). References Bastiat  F. (1873). Economic sophisms (5th ed.). Frédéric Bastiat Scotland: Oliver and Boyd. Berríos  N. L. & Aide  T. M. (2015). Global demand for gold is another threat for tropical forests. Environmental Research Letters 10(1) 1-9. Retrieved from Brown  P. (2013 December 30). Amazon deforestation threatens South America's water security. Retrieved from http: Imbornoni  A. M. Brunner  B. & Rowen  B. (2015 October 9). The Northern Irish conflict: A chronology. Retrieved from Malthus  T. (1909). An essay on the principle of population. Boston MA: Publishing. Ritzer  G. & Atalay  Z. (2010). Readings in globalization: Key concepts and major debates (2nd ed.). Hoboken NJ: Wiley-Blackwell. [...]

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Answer any four of the following questions – you choose.  Your answers should be detailed and thorough, and address everything that is being asked.  Make sure that your answers are well organized and follow a logical progression of argument/issues. Due Date:  The exam is due May 2 by 11:59pm. Submit your exam in the Microsoft Word format.  Please answer any of the 4 following questions. 1.        Outline the major debates over globalization.  Give examples of political, cultural, and economic globalization.  What is your position on globalization?  Do you feel that globalization is, on average, beneficial or harmful for the majority of the world’s population? 2.        Describe, in detail, each stage of the demographic transition (DT).  What is the relationship between economic development, levels of technology, and the population growth rate within each stage?  Give an example of countries (one in each stage is fine) that are in stage 2, 3, and 4 of the DT. 3.        Outline the arguments of Malthusians, Neo-Malthusians, and Cornucopians (Technocrats).  Which population theory do you agree with most and why? 4.        Describe some of the major issues that political geographers address.  Give an example of geopolitical unification and geopolitical fragmentation and explain why you feel these examples are good examples of how the world is simultaneously integrating and disintegrating – politically that is. 5.        What is meant by the term ‘free trade’ / trade liberalization?  Explain why some argue that free trade is not necessarily fair trade.  Discuss two Third World Countries that you feel have been negatively impacted by trade liberalization.     6.        Discuss contemporary immigration patterns in the U.S. How are recent waves of immigration (e.g. 1970’s to present) different from earlier waves of immigration? What do you feel the immigration policy should be for the U.S. (be specific)?  Why would you support this policy? 7.        Discuss the historical evolution of the European Union.  Why have some countries rejected entry into the EU while others want desperately to be members?  What do you feel are the greatest challenges to European integration?  Why? 8.        Explain the conflict (in detail) in one of the following regions:  Northern Ireland, the Balkans, Cyprus, the Basque region of Spain. 9.        Explain the impact of the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Sub-Saharan Africa.  What are some of the major causes of the spreading of the disease and how does poverty exacerbate the AIDS problem?  What role should developed countries play in helping Africa deal with AIDS? 10.     Discuss the Millennium Development Goals as they relate to poverty in underdeveloped countries. Of the eight goals, which do you feel are most attainable? To what extent do you feel developed countries should assist poorer countries? 11.     Explain the ongoing conflict between Israelis and Palestinians in Israel and the occupied territories.  Present and discuss the hard-line Jewish and hard-line Arab (Palestinian) views.  What would you propose as a solution to this conflict? 12.     Explain the conflict in Kashmir.  What are the historical origins of the conflict and how would you propose to solve it? 13.     Discuss the various levels of economic development within Southeast Asia.  Which countries are more developed and why?  What would you propose as a development strategy for some of the poorest countries of this region? 14.     Discuss the causes and consequences of tropical deforestation in South America (especially Brazil).  What do you feel would be the best approaches to save the tropical rainforest in this region of the world?  Why should this issue be of great concern to Americans?

Subject Area: Human Geography

Document Type: Personal Statement

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