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Conflict/Communication Analysis (NEED IN 3 HOURS) PLEASE

Think of an important interpersonal relationship you are currently in.  It can be your spouse, significant other, family member or friend.     Evaluate the communication and conflict styles of both parties, you and the other person, in this relationship.  You must state the concepts from the following scanned pages: CLICK HERE FOR SCANNED BOOK PAGES, the approaches to handling conflict from our own textbook (p. 262-266), and give personal examples to analyze both sides of this relationship. 1.  Give one example of each type of message you sent and received: Disconfirming, Disagreeing, and Confirming (from SCANNED BOOK PAGES p. 341-345).  Each of those categories contains different types. Make sure you state which specific type it is.  You will have six examples, three from you and three delivered to you from the other person.     2.  Give two examples of Gibbs categories of supportive and defensive behaviors from each person (from SCANNED BOOK PAGES p. 349-355).  Be specific about the behavior and category it fits into. 3.  Analyze your approaches to handling conflict (our text p. 262-266).  Discuss the style of each person has and give examples. 4.  Offer at least two pieces of advice that you would give yourself on how to improve your relationship based on any concepts we have studied in the course.  Be sure to say where you are getting your advice from.    Conflict analysis Conflict analysis Criteria Ratings Pts This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome #1 Disconfirming, disagreeing, and confirming messages; Gave 2 examples of each type, specifically naming the type of message 12.0 pts Gave partial information 7.0 pts No Marks 0.0 pts 12.0 pts This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome #2 Gibbs categories; Gave two examples of supportive and defensive behaviors 8.0 pts Gave partial information 5.0 pts No Marks 0.0 pts 8.0 pts This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome #3 Name and analyze conflict styles 8.0 pts Partial explanation given 3.0 pts No Marks 0.0 pts 8.0 pts This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome #4 Advice - based on two course concepts 7.0 pts Gave partial information 2.0 pts No Marks 0.0 pts 7.0 pts This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Intro, Conclusion, spelling and grammar Contained an introduction and conclusion; free from spelling and grammar errors 5.0 pts Limited introduction or conclusion; contained few spelling and grammar errors 3.0 pts Didn't contain introduction or conclusion. Spelling and/or grammar errors impacted readability. 0.0 pts 5.0 pts
Think of an important interpersonal relationship you are currently in.  It can be your spouse, significant other, family member or friend.     Evaluate the communication and conflict styles of both parties, you and the other person, in this relationship.  You must state the concepts from the following scanned pages: CLICK HERE FOR SCANNED BOOK PAGES, the approaches to handling conflict from our own textbook (p.
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