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Philosophy due the 20th (Example)

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Analyzing an Ethical Dilemma Overview of Dilemma Ethical and Philosophical Issues  The preferred ethical stance from which to approach the issue that is highlighted in dilemma A is the virtue ethics by Aristotle. Instead of reporting the case I would keep quiet because this step promotes human life by ensuring that that the kids remain safe and well taken care of. The woman who steals from a teller at gunpoint without causing violence does it with an aim of funding a needy child rescue shelter. Actually by donating the stolen money to the organization the robber saved it from a risk of closing down. The shelter remained open and offered the necessary and most needed services by the kids it hosted. The virtue ethics stance considers character rather than a person’s rules or actions as a major concept1. Clearly the decision of the robber to achieve a goal of raising funds for the organization. However considering Kant’s proposal of universalism would make the case to take the option of reporting the case. The theory requires a person to think about what would happen if all people engaged in the proposed action. Moreover one should consider what would be the results if the decision maker was in the other person’s place in this case the woman who robbed assuming the position of a bank teller. Kant explained the concept of universal law with an aim of prohibiting destructive actions such as theft because it violates categorical imperative although it may yield good consequences in some cases3. Works Cited Dion Michel. "The economic and non-economic dimensions of social entreprises’ moral discourse: an issue of axiological and philosophical coherence." International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal 10.2 (2014): 385-408. Lefkowitz Joel. Ethics and values in industrial-organizational psychology. Taylor & Francis 2017. [...]

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Topic: Select one of the two ethical dilemmas below and examine the case in detail from the perspective of what you think to be the preferred ethical stance from which to approach this issue. In addition to detailing how you think the particular stance you’ve chosen best guides how one should act in the situation, make sure to briefly explain how the ethical stance you’ve chosen makes the outcome or reasoning process different from (or similar to) the other stances you did no choose. In other words, explore your chosen stance in detail, explaining why you think it’s the best stance to take, and also compare and contrast it with at least two other ethical stances. The goal here is for you to learn how to apply a particular type of ethical reasoning (your chosen ‘stance’) to a particular situation and be able to analyze how the theory behind the particular stance directs the reasoning process and action outcome in the situation. From the readings from our first week of Ethics readings in IP, the four Ethical Stance options are: Ethical Egoism, Virtue Ethics (Aristotle), Deontology (Kant),Utilitarianism (Bentham/Mill). Ethical Dilemma Options: Ethical Dilemma A: After stopping by Coldstone after work with friends, you (and only you) witness a woman enter a bank across the street and rob the tellers at gunpoint. No violence breaks out. By happenstance, you come to find out that the robber subsequently donate the money to a child rescue shelter for kids in grave need that was at risk of closing to do funding cuts. The stolen money allowed the shelter to stay open and the kids will continue to receive much needed services. If you report the crime, the money will surely be taken back and the shelter closed. Do you report the crime of keep quiet? Ethical Dilemma B:As a volunteer nurse serving in west Africa for the past month, you’ve come down with the Ebola virus, but you’re still in charge of the facility where everybody now has it. An experimental antibiotic has arrived, which has “not been sufficiently experimented with in enough safe clinical trials with human beings.” You have the opportunity to give the drug to any number of the infected persons, including yourself. Again, the drug has shown to have positive effects on the virus, but its potential harmful side effects are still completely unknown. It is truly experimental. There will be more medical support relief and safer, proven antibiotics coming in three weeks time, but there will likely be 40-50% percent casualty rates in the facility within that time. The exact number can never be known for sure as the virus infects and breaks down different people differently. What do you do (if anything) with the experimental supplement? Administer to all? A few? None? Sample Paper Ex: Details: • Paper must be 5full pages double spaced (2 pgs overview of dilemma ethical and philosophical issues raised by the dilemma/ 3 pgs reflection/analysis) • Cite at least 2 philosophical sources beyond your text book (books, journal, articles, etc.) • Use footnote format • One Inch Margins • Times New Roman font

Subject Area: Philosophy

Document Type: Reports

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