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Corporate financial management (Example)

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Name Instructor Date CORPORATE FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u INTRODUCTION PAGEREF _Toc486415392 \h 3Analysis of the CEO’s Departure PAGEREF _Toc486415393 \h 6Age. PAGEREF _Toc486415394 \h 7Effects PAGEREF _Toc486415395 \h 7Capital Structure of the Company PAGEREF _Toc486415396 \h 10Equity Capital PAGEREF _Toc486415397 \h 10Debt Capital PAGEREF _Toc486415398 \h 11Enterprise Value PAGEREF _Toc486415399 \h 12The Home Depot Inc (NYSE:HD) WACC % PAGEREF _Toc486415400 \h 12STOCK VALUATION PAGEREF _Toc486415401 \h 15DIVIDEND DISCOUNT METHOD PAGEREF _Toc486415402 \h 15PEER COMPARISON PAGEREF _Toc486415403 \h 18References PAGEREF _Toc486415404 \h 25 CORPORATE FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT INTRODUCTIONThe company that I seek to analyze in this assignment is a company that over the years have done well in the stock exchange. Since 2014 the Home Deport Company has developed a particular kind of impression in the stock exchange market. The share price of the Home Deport Company has increased since then maintaining a constant but continuous enhancing strategies under the leadership of former CEO Frank Blake was instrumental in seeing the company through the global meltdown. In conclusion in spite of potential threats Home Depot could see better days in light of strong business fundamentals and favorable macroeconomic conditions. For one the NAR anticipates existing home sales to grow at 7% and 3.5% in 2015 and 2016 and new home sales to grow at 20% and 29.3% over the same period. Given Home Depot’s high reliance on the U.S. housing market recovery these numbers in themselves could see the stock touching new heights. There is a price estimate of $120 for Home Depot’s stock which is above the current market price. Foerster S. R. & Sapp S. (2009). The dividend discount model in the long-run - A clinical study. Journal of Applied Finance 15(2) 1-21. Investopedia. Market Watch. [...]

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The content and explanation of the assignment that I need help with is : An analysis of the following company: The Home Depot 1° The CEO has left recently (in 2014, 2015 or 2016). Analyse the reason of his departure, in particular at the lights of the potential conflicts between the management and the shareholders as described in the course. Which was the impact of the price of the stock? 2° How is the company funded, what is its capital structure? Determine its WACC. Comment your results, based on the segment where this company is working, and the taxation rate where it is located. Do not hesitate, in your analysis, to compare your figures with those of other companies (ex: compute the leverage ratio of a series of companies similar to yours and try to explain the differences) 3° Assess the value of the share through the two following methods: a) Dividend discount method: to simplify, suppose we are just after payment of the last dividend. Describe clearly all the parameters you use (future dividends, growth factor…): where you find the information, the hypotheses you take… Analyse what would be the consequences on the price of a change in the value of some parameters you use (ex: the company changes its policy regarding the payment of dividend, interest rate is a bit higher or lower, idem for ROE...). b) Peer comparison. Here also, describe precisely the different steps of your computation: how is built your sample of similar companies, what is your data source for those, which financial data are you using, compare the results using the average or the median… c) Compare the values you obtain with these two different methods, explain the differences. If you find some additional information (for example, in the yearly financial statements of the company) that permits you to assess the value of the share through the sum-of-the-parts method, you will get a bonus. Remarks: - I attach much more importance on your own analysis than on a factual presentation. All reported tables and graphics should be described and analysed: giving a table without analysing it, this is simply “filling” the document and not very clever. - Make research on financial websites to get the figures about the companies you need for your calculations. - All websites you visited should be listed in the bibliography with the date when you visited it and when you caught the information. - Apply exclusively the methodologies and formulas explained in the course notes; the use of other formulas will simply be a proof that someone else than the student has done the assignment (with logical consequence: the grade will be 0/20). - Conversely, there is no need to define in your document the topics that are introduced in the course notes. Concretely: I expect a document of about 20 - 25 pages (included tables, figures, list of references)

Subject Area: Finance

Document Type: Reports

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