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Critical Review: "A Christian on Listening with Jewish Ears and Hearing with the Heart of God," 

• Locate the article: Lee, Randy (2014) "A Christian on Listening with Jewish Ears and Hearing with the Heart of God," Touro Law Review: Vol. 30 : No. 1 , Article 5.  Available at: • Write a 2 page / 500 word critical review of the above article • The first portion of your review should consist of a summary of the authors’ argument and a discussion of their methodology (i.e., how they approach and organize their argument). • The second portion of the review should consist of your analysis and evaluation of his argument (*Do not begin to analyze and evaluate until you have first summarized his argument and noted his methodology*). • It is essential that you apply each facet of what you have learned so far in this course: proper grammar, avoiding plagiarism, clarity and concision, and proper formatting and citation (Turabian style). This assignment will be graded on the basis of how well you’ve synthesized each facet of learning from this course. The review must therefore demonstrate the same mastery of (a) grammar/punctuation, of (b) avoiding plagiarism, of (c) concision and clarity, and of (d) proper discipline-specific citation and formatting
• Locate the article: Lee, Randy (2014) "A Christian on Listening with Jewish Ears and Hearing with the Heart of God," Touro Law Review: Vol. 30 : No. 1 , Article 5.  Available at: • Write a 2 page / 500 word critical review of the above article • The first portion of your review should consist of a summary of the authors’ argument and a discussion of their methodology (i.e., how they approach and organize their argument). • The second portion of the review should consist of your analysis and evaluation of his argument (*Do not begin to analyze and evaluate until you have first summarized his argument and noted his methodology*).
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