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Writing an istruction (Example)

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Name Professor Course Date Rotation Green Manure Task Introduction. The best audience that fits this experiment is the group of farmers as well as aspiring agricultural entrepreneurs. The knowledge of rotation green manure will enable the farmers to increase their farm production and save on the cost of buying fertilizers that boost crop growth (Liebman et al 2012). However the farmers need to be guided by accurate instruction in order to be able to carry out the experiment. For the farmers and agricultural students to perform the task effectively they need to have skills on agricultural sources for corn production. Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems 27(03) 180-191. Zhang X. X. Gao J. S. Cao Y. H. Ma X. T. & He J. Z. (2013). Long-term rice and green manure rotation alters the endophytic bacterial communities of the rice root. Microbial ecology 66(4) 917-926. Zotarelli L. Zatorre N. P. Boddey R. M. Urquiaga S. Jantalia C. P. Franchini J. C. & Alves B. J. (2012). Influence of no-tillage and frequency of a green manure legume in crop rotations for balancing N outputs and preserving soil organic C stocks. Field crops research 132 185-195. [...]

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You will choose your own topic for this assignment. In order to give you the practice in technical writing, your must choose a technical or scientific topic. Ideally, a topic requiring a series of steps for assembly or various specific tasks to complete is best. A topic relevant to nursing may be a good idea, but such a topic is not required. Consider your hobbies and interests or various topics you know well. Choose a topic involving 10 or more steps. Required Sections for the Instructions Regardless of your task, you must include all of the following contents. • Introduction. Here you’ll provide your reader with the following information: o The audience in terms of its knowledge and need for the instructions. o What the instructions will allow readers to do. o What skill level the audience should have to perform the task successfully. o An overview of the steps needed to complete the task. o A sense of how long the task will take. o Where they should perform the task (i.e. in a well ventilated area, outside, on a flat surface, etc.). • List of Materials, Tools, or Ingredients • Illustrations (Diagrams, Drawings, Photographs, Figures, or Tables). o Include captions for each illustration or figure. o Label charts and diagrams clearly. 3 o If you used illustrations from other sources, place the source directly below each illustration. The sources of your illustrations must be fully documented in APA style on the Reference page. • List of Steps, in chronological order. o Make sure your instructions have 10 or more steps. o Make sure you use the imperative mood. (That is, say this: “Attach the red wire” rather than this: “The red wire is attached.” With the second phrase, readers will not know whether the wire is already attached or if they need to attach it.) o Each step must be a specific action, (“Turn the knob one complete turn.”) and not an elaboration or comment (“Turning the knob will result in a better fit.”). o Each step may only be one or two sentences. o Use second person (you) in instructions. o Include warnings or cautions before readers will encounter problems. o Make sure steps are phrased in parallel form. • Troubleshooting or Tips. And, if needed, your instructions should also contain: • Warnings • Glossary of terms • References • Appendixes Document Design and Illustrations Give careful thought to illustrations and design elements that will make your instructions effective. • Make sure all of your steps are numbered throughout. • Single-space the text in the paragraphs. • You must include at least two illustrations in your instructions. You may create your own, or adapt illustrations from other sources. Make sure you provide source information for all illustrations immediately below each illustration. (For example, for any photos you took: “Source: photo by author.” For any illustrations from other sources: “Source: Website (or other resource).” • Use as many of the four basic design principles as possible (Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, Proximity). • Design your document for consistency (grid patterns, margins, justification, white space, indentation, font style and size). See pages 136-140. • Design your document for navigation and emphasis (headings, color, shading, boldface, italic, and underlining, bulleted and numbered lists). See pages 140-145. • Follow the tips for illustrating documents presented in Chapter 7. Note: You must use a two-column format or some other format rather than just a full-page format on each page for the text, illustrations, and design elements.

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