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Write a proposal/prologue for a small business concept paper

I need a one-page proposal/prologue regarding the topic that I've chosen for my research paper on a business plan for a small business concept. Included should be: what the topic is, why it was selected, what initial direction that I plan to go with my topic, where I might go to find the information on this topic, and what I hope to learn from the topic. I am attaching a sample pitch deck (will attach soon) to give you an idea of the information to put in the proposal.
I need a one-page proposal/prologue regarding the topic that I've chosen for my research paper on a business plan for a small business concept. Included should be: what the topic is, why it was selected, what initial direction that I plan to go with my topic, where I might go to find the information on this topic, and what I hope to learn from the topic. I am attaching a sample pitch deck (will attach soon) to give you an idea of the information to put in the proposal.
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