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Please use a combination of course readings and outside sources to address the following prompt. Paper should be approximately 5 pages, types and double- spaced (plus the bibliography) In the late 1990's, many people objected to the Oakland school board's proposal for some use of AAVE (Ebonics) in the classroom because: it's just slang, a dialect or a creole, not a real language with its own history; its ungrammatical, with the verb "be" coming and going unpredictably, and kids unable to form a proper question or indicate a plural; it's lazy speech and not as precise and instrument of communication as Standard English. Similar objections have been raised for almost a century to the 'Pidgin problem' in Hawai'i and the use of Hawai'i Creole English in the classroom. In the Southwest, the debates focuses on the use of Chicano English. Research one of these three cases, drawing on evidence from both popular culture and scholarly articles, as well as from course reading, in order to evaluate the objections to these non-standard language varieties and whether it belongs in the classroom: Are the examples of linguistic discriminations, or valid concerns? What language attitudes influence these reactions? Please provide the social and linguistic context of case you chose to discuss and be sure to relate your discussion to course concepts and authors. ### Do outside research as well as some articles that will relate to these cases that need to be referred to. I may put up a few powerpoints to look at
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