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Astronomy Homework (Example)

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Name of student Name of professor Astronomy Date Question 1 If the value of the Hubble Constant were 700 km/s/Mpc the greatest distance we could be able to see would be 1.4 billion light years instead of the normal 14 billion. This means the overall clear view of the structure of the universe which include the walls the voids and the filaments would be reduced. The largest structures in the universe are the super-galactic clusters. Question 2 Many elements were formed during the Big Bang among the major elements which were formed from the Big Bang include hydrogen helium lithium beryllium and tritium. This was possible to occur since we had a difference between the number of protons and neutrons. Reactions occurred in the nucleus to try and establish a ratio of 1:1 of neutrons to protons (n/p). contact with extraterrestrials is an issue which is still under debate. Some people believe human beings will come to make contact with the extraterrestrials while others believe human beings cannot make contact with the extraterrestrials. But from astronomy we see that human species started from a single cell species and developed in many years to the complex human being we have today and therefore it is possible for the extraterrestrials to develop in years to complex beings which will make contact with human beings one day.Works Cited BIBLIOGRAPHY big-bang model. n.d. 21 April 2017. CO2 time series 1990-2015 per capita for world countries. n.d. 07 03 2017. CO2 Time Series 1990-2015 per region/country. n.d. 07 03 2017. Plait Phil. Bad Astronomy. August 2014. Singh Simon. The Origin of the Universe. 2005. Williams David R. "Venus Fact Sheet." 2005. [...]

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Answer the following. 1. If the value of the Hubble Constant were 700 km/s/Mpc, what would this imply about our universe? 2. Which elements were formed during the Big Bang, and how was it possible for Nucleosynthesis to occur then? 3. Describe one method for detecting extrasolar planets. Give the name of the method, and explain how it works. Use online resources to report on one planet discovered using this method. 4. What is the current (as of this year) concentration of CO2 in Earth's atmosphere in units of parts per million? When, in the last 1000 years, has the CO2 level been this high?  5. Use (and cite) online resources to answer the following questions. Try to use data from the most recent year available. A.) How much Carbon Dioxide do the people of Earth add to the atmosphere in one year? B.) Which four countries contribute the most CO2 to the atmosphere? 6. How does the surface temperature of Venus compare to surface temperatures on Earth? Why is Venus this temperature? 7. Could the conditions of the early Earth have formed important molecules for life, such as amino acids and some DNA bases? What experimental evidence is there for or against this idea? Has any experiment yet been able to produce a living being from inanimate matter? 8. Name three factors you would consider crucial for the development of life on another planet. Why are they important? 9. There are 100 billion stars in our Milky Way galaxy. Based on everything you have learned in this course, and any other ideas you may have, make an estimate of the number of planets in our galaxy on which some type of life has formed? 10. There are many types of life. On Earth these range in size from microbes to blue whales and giant sequoia trees. Using your estimate above, now estimate the number of planets in our galaxy which harbor intelligent life with which we might someday communicate. Note: If you have no notion of what factors might be involved, consult the discussion of the Drake Equation on p. 531 in your text. But make your own estimate of the factors involved and the total number of intelligent extraterrestrial civilizations with which we might communicate. Do you think humans will ever make contact with extraterrestrials?

Subject Area: Astronomy

Document Type: Paraphrasing

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