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1930 to 1945—Generational Analysis (Example)

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Name Professor Course Date The generation analysis In the year between the 1930s and 1940s there were lots of hard times experienced by those individuals from the southern plain. Which include the World War 2 server droughts and depressions that highly begin with the World War 2 the war began in the year 1939 and ended in the year 1945.due to the act of the Japanese attacking the U.S in the year 1939 the U.S also decided to join the war. Between the year 1931 and 1937 the southern plain faced server droughts that lead to the absence of food water and farmers work. The American economy was soaring when the offices were taken by rules to prevent business imports and exports. Change in culture tends to affect one personally as your forced to change from what you're used to wearing to current tradition. Work cited: Hall Martha L. Belinda T. Orzada and Dilia Lopez‐Gydosh. "American women's wartime dress: Sociocultural ambiguity regarding women's roles during World War II." The Journal of American Culture 38.3 (2015): 232-242. Gordon Robert J. "Perspectives on The Rise and Fall of American Growth." Education 2.2.5 (2016): 3. Crafts Nicholas. "The Rise and Fall of American Growth: Exploring the Numbers." The American Economic Review 106.5 (2016): 57-60. Musser Charles Jane Marie Gaines and Pearl Bowser eds. Oscar Micheaux and His Circle: African-American Filmmaking and Race Cinema of the Silent Era. Indiana University Press 2016. [...]

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1930 to 1945—Generational Analysis ________________________________________ Overview and Description Spirit of the Times For this generational analysis, you will study US popular culture from 1930 to 1945 and attempt to answer the following questions: • What was it like to come of age during the 1930s and 1940s? • What was the life of a US citizen like at this time? • What events shaped the lifestyle and popular culture of the time? • What elements of culture were popular during this era? This generational analysis will focus on the G.I. Generation, the era from 1930 to 1945. Your analysis will explore the zeitgeist (German for “spirit of the times”) of each era by traveling through the generations and examining a single area of popular culture related to your field of study. Continue investigating the area of popular culture you have chosen from the following list: • Architecture or Art • Advertising or Graphic Design • Culinary Arts • Dance • Fashion • Film or Video • Games or Sports • Jokes or Urban Legends • Literature • Music or Music Videos Consider the generation’s characteristics as you explore how the area you have chosen evolved during that generation. Relate the generation to the area, and you will find the spirit of the times. Compose your analysis with care. Analyze how the area you chose forms a portrait of the multiple generations alive during this time. Think about historical and cultural events, technological advancements, the economy, and the political climate. Describe how those changes might affect one personally. Your project may take the form of a traditional paper. A traditional paper offers an introduction, develops a thesis with evidence, and provides a conclusion. Your paper must include functional links, clips, and/or images. An alternative to the traditional paper is a creative work approved by your instructor and supported with a written analysis. Your written analysis will support your creative project by relating your creative work to the zeitgeist we study each milestone. Some examples are: a menu for each generation, a cinema showcase of film clips or self-made films reflecting each generation, a concert (your own music created in the spirit of each generation), a fashion show for each generation, a video game reflecting the generations, an oral history (interviews with family members, friends, and/or strangers about their generations). Visual presentation is important. Be certain to present your work aesthetically. If you are composing a traditional paper, then images, clips, and/or links will add professionalism. Finally, be sure to employ correct and standard college-level English grammar, mechanics, spelling, punctuation and sentence structure, appropriate logic and voice, and MLA manuscript and citation formatting. Our session together examines five generations focusing primarily on their “coming-of-age” eras during which they significantly began asserting themselves as consumers/creators of popular culture. Please refer to the table below to discern the birth date ranges and coming-of-age date ranges for each generation: Area that includes: o 600-word (minimum) M1 Task 3 generational analysis. o Minimum of 4 images presented and described. o Minimum of 4 sources consulted and cited in MLA format. • o Apply generational analysis o Analyze the influence of popular culture and how it reflected the sociopolitical context

Subject Area: Cultural Studies

Document Type: Dissertation

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