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Reflective Critique:Proactive Discipline for Reactive Students:

Reflective Critique: - Proactive Discipline for Reactive Students: A Guide for Practicing Effective Classroom Behavior Management by Dr. Fred Johnson. Be sure: 1) Refer to the latest version of the APA Manual, 2) The mini paper should be written in APA format; it includes an appropriate cover page, running header, abstract, introduction, content of the summary should be at least three to five pages (does not include cover page, abstract, or work cited) in length, conclusion, and work cited page, 3) Double spaced, 4) Font: Arial 11 point or New Times Roman 12 point, and 5) Mini papers should be clear, organized, unified, free of grammatical errors, concise, accurate, objective, and in APA format.
Reflective Critique: - Proactive Discipline for Reactive Students: A Guide for Practicing Effective Classroom Behavior Management by Dr. Fred Johnson. Be sure: 1) Refer to the latest version of the APA Manual, 2) The mini paper should be written in APA format; it includes an appropriate cover page, running header, abstract, introduction, content of the summary should be at least three to five pages (does not include cover page, abstract, or work cited) in length, conclusion, and work cited page, 3) Double spaced, 4) Font: Arial 11 point or New Times Roman 12 point, and 5) Mini papers should be clear, organized, unified, free of grammatical errors, concise, accurate, objective, and in APA format.
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