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Do Fast-Food Chains Price Discriminate on the Race and Income Characteristics of an Area?

Topic/Research Question: Do Fast-Food Chains Price Discriminate on the Race and Income Characteristics of an Area? Question 1 (a): Write an introduction and overview of your topic about price discrimination by fast food chains and restaurants. Question 1 (b): Conduct a literature review of the determinants of prices of different fast food chains in developed countries. Question 1 (c): Conduct a literature review of the determinants of prices of different fast food chains in developing countries. Question 2 (a): Conduct a literature review on the determinants of prices in USA for restuarants and compare your literature review with both developed and developing countries from question 1. Question 2 (b) Explain the economic theory behind price discrimination, explain first, second and third degree price discrimination and which type of price discrimination is being discussed for this topic along with the diagrams What are the important policy implications for price discrimination by fast food restaurants What are the major causes of price discrimination by restaurants in fast food chains and how can the government make laws to prevent this?
Topic/Research Question: Do Fast-Food Chains Price Discriminate on the Race and Income Characteristics of an Area? Question 1 (a): Write an introduction and overview of your topic about price discrimination by fast food chains and restaurants. Question 1 (b): Conduct a literature review of the determinants of prices of different fast food chains in developed countries. Question 1 (c): Conduct a literature review of the determinants of prices of different fast food chains in developing countries.
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