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In this assignment, you will conduct a systematic lexicogrammar analysis in order to demonstrate that you can assess the communicative effectiveness of a written text in relation to its context (that is, tenor, field and/or mode). You also apply your understanding of how English grammar functions in relation to its context of use by rewriting a text to make it more effective, evaluating your rewrite, and giving advice to the original writer. The assignment relates to your study of Block 4 of the module and represents 35% of the overall continuous assessment score (OCAS). It assesses your skills of analysis, interpretation and evaluation of English grammar in use. Before you start this assignment, refer to the general guidance on writing assignments in the Assessment Guide [Tip: hold Ctrl and click a link to open it in a new tab. (Hide tip) ] , including the marking grid in Appendix 2. All seven marking criteria apply to TMA 05. While the TMA contains different steps, you will be given a holistic mark for the assignment. Please submit your TMA as a single document in .rtf, .doc or .docx format. The TMA consists of the following six steps: Step 1: Reading the text Step 2: Initial evaluation of the weaknesses in a text Step 3: Justification of the register variables to explore Step 4: Analysis and interpretation of the text Step 5: Rewriting the text Step 6: Evaluation of your rewritten text and advice to the writer Note that you do not need to submit any written work for Steps 1 and 2. Suggested word counts are given for Steps 3–6 below. You should write no more than 2000 words in total (excluding any bibliographic references and appendices).
In this assignment, you will conduct a systematic lexicogrammar analysis in order to demonstrate that you can assess the communicative effectiveness of a written text in relation to its context (that is, tenor, field and/or mode). You also apply your understanding of how English grammar functions in relation to its context of use by rewriting a text to make it more effective, evaluating your rewrite, and giving advice to the original writer. The assignment relates to your study of Block 4 of the module and represents 35% of the overall continuous assessment score (OCAS). It assesses your skills of analysis, interpretation and evaluation of English grammar in use.
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