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Multi-Dimensional Assesment

MULTIDIMENSIONAL ASSESSMENT View the documentary Best and Most Beautiful Things, by Garrett Zevgetis (PBS Independent Lens) *It's on Netflix* and respond to the following. Organize your paper using the following headings/sections. IDENTIFYING INFORMATION: Name, address, date and place of birth, marital/and or partner status, religion, ethnicity, gender, social class, income source(s), children, and any other relevant information. PRESENTING PROBLEM/ISSUE and REFFERAL SOURCE: For the purpose of this assignment, you are the social worker at Developmental Disabilities Administration. Michelle is new to your caseload. She’s transitioning from adolescent to adult services. DDAs role is to assist clients towards self-sufficiency. She’s interested in becoming self-sufficient. What is the presenting issue that brings the client to the agency? How does the client view this issue? What are her/his concerns/issues that may differ from the presenting ones? How do other people, view the concerns/issues (e.g., family, friends, agency, you)? What is the client’s affect when discussing these concerns/issues? When did these concerns/issues begin? How has the client dealt with these concerns/issues in the past? What would the client most want help with? How did the client(s) get to the agency? Is the client self-referred, involuntary, or some of each? What does the client say in his/her own words? FAMILY BACKGROUND: Family composition, status of parents-living, married-, family dynamics, living situation, siblings, children (ages), roles, relationship with each other and other family relationships SOCIAL: Significant relationships outside family, cultural and ethnic identification (significance to client), cultural influences, acculturation and language concerns, if any, and any other social supports SPIRITUALITY: Any religious affiliation or identity that was important to the client growing up and/or currently. Current aspect of religion/spirituality that can be viewed as “part of the problem” (e.g., conflicts, unhealed woundedness, unhelpful practices or beliefs). Aspect of religion/spirituality that can be viewed as “part of the solution” (e.g., connections to a religious/spiritual community; relationship with religious/spiritual leader, director or guide; and/or other spiritual resources, such as nature, creative endeavors, cultural practices) EDUCATION/WORK HISTORY: Last grade completed, literacy issues, learning difficulties, special accommodations, current place of employment, length of time on the job, last job held, types of employment, attitudes toward work or school PHYSICAL FUNCTIONING/HEALTH CONCERNS: Past and present health issues, current medications, hospitalizations, physical disabilities, either visible or invisible PSYCHOLOGICAL AND EMOTIONAL FUNCTIONING: Past and present psychiatric illness/symptoms, past history of treatment, hospitalizations, medications, previous history or current involvement of mental health services, past or current suicidal/homicidal ideations DEPENDENCY/ADDICTION HISTORY: History of substance experimentation, use or abuse, including alcohol, current substance use, past or current treatment including AA/NA FAMILY HISTORY OF PSYCHIATRIC/ADDICTION ILLNESS: Family history of mental health issues, current mental health issues, family history of substance abuse, current substance use by family members LEGAL HISTORY: Past or current involvement with the criminal justice system (warrants, probation, parole, pending cases) TRAUMA HISTORY: Criminal victimization, natural disasters, accidents, combat, social violence, child abuse) ENVIRONMENT: Describe the environmental resources and deficits that have an impact on client. Consider current housing conditions, neighborhood, issues related to power and oppression, access to food, services, safe housing, and other related items CLIENT RESOURCES, SKILLS AND STRENGTHS: Internal and external strengths, capacities, interests, motivations, protective factors, abilities, positive coping strategies and resiliencies FORMULATION CONSIDERATIONS: Identify and explain key physical, social, economic, familial, environmental, and financial factors that contribute to Michelle’s functioning. Discuss risk and protective factors. Discuss the need for community/membership and Michelle’s attempt to find it. Apply a human behavior theory to support your professional impression. Discuss any value conflicts that may have arisen for you and what you would do to address them.
MULTIDIMENSIONAL ASSESSMENT View the documentary Best and Most Beautiful Things, by Garrett Zevgetis (PBS Independent Lens) *It's on Netflix* and respond to the following. Organize your paper using the following headings/sections. IDENTIFYING INFORMATION: Name, address, date and place of birth, marital/and or partner status, religion, ethnicity, gender, social class, income source(s), children, and any other relevant information. PRESENTING PROBLEM/ISSUE and REFFERAL SOURCE: For the purpose of this assignment, you are the social worker at Developmental Disabilities Administration.
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