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“The Reprehensibility of the White Lie,”

Read Jennifer Pier’s, “The Reprehensibility of the White Lie,” pp. 206-209. Draft a persuasive response (500 words minimum) that considers the audience and Pier’s point of view. The thesis in your essay must address the following argument made by Pier: “The most important element of a white lie is its destructiveness; the act of telling one hurts both the receiver and the sender. On the surface, it’s a handy fix-all for a paradigmatic – typical; classic model duplicity - deception euphemism - a word or phrase that is more neutral or indirect to replace a direct, harsh, or offensive term uncomfortable situation or a loaded question that begs evasion. But a deeper look reveals the disconnect in communication between a speaker and her audience. On one hand, the receiver of the lie is never allowed to hear the truth. Yet, on the other hand, the speaker cannot trust the situation she is in enough to allow herself to speak honestly.” If you do not yet have a textbook, Pier’s essay can also be found by clicking here. Agree or disagree with Ms. Pier’s argument, but take a clear stand. When forming the thesis and writing the essay, also read and use the article entitled “Are These Ten Lies Justified?” found by clicking here. Underline the thesis in the first paragraph of your essay. As a minimum, use and cite the online Pier source and the Dworkin source. Other online sources may be used, but any other online source must also be cited. Cite all sources with an in-text citation in the text of the essay and a full citation on the Works Cited page (MLA format style). While reviewing the model essay in the “Handouts and Course Documents” section, notice that there is one short quote (from research) in the paper. Most of the writing in the paper is created by the student, not quoted from another source. In this assignment, use one direct quotation from each source. Direct quotations may be no more than 10 lines (accumulative). The grade on this essay counts as 10% of your course grade. Identify this assignment as “Formal Essay 2.” Since this is an online course, any additional online source that you provide must be no more than five years old. Ask the instructor about exceptions. Do not submit essays or a research paper in which a large part is quoted material. I want your writing based on your research. When you are ready to submit this assignment, click "Week 2 Formal Essay" in the red caption above. After clicking that link, you will see these same directions. Do not type anything in the "Write Submission" box or the “Add Comments” box. Find the "Attach File" caption, click "Browse My Computer," and attach your completed essay assignment. Make sure to click "Submit" and allow sufficient time for your assignment to upload before exiting the page. Submit Formal Essay 2 as an attachment through the Blackboard “Assignment” feature NLT March 13. I will return all assignments to you with a grade and my comments written directly on the assignment. If you do not know how to retrieve and download your graded assignments, contact me. If you choose not to read my comments on your graded essays, you are missing half the class. Identify the assignment as "Formal Essay 2."
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