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Objective: To develop systematic strategies for improving preschoolers’ cutting skills, and to evaluate those strategies. Scenario: You are a preschool teacher in a four-year-old classroom. The majority of your students will transition to Kindergarten next year. You have noted that very few of your students have experience with scissors and most have very limited cutting skills. There are at least two students who get very frustrated when they try to cut with scissors and typically end up just ripping up their paper. You want to help all the students strengthen their fine motor skills, and in particular, be able to cut out a simple shape by the end of the school year. Since the students are at differing levels of ability when it comes to scissors skills, you decide to develop an assessment for cutting. You will use the information you gather to develop a task analysis for cutting a simple square. 1. List all of the steps/skills involved in the cutting of a simple square. What skills will each child have to learn on the continuum from picking up the scissors to actually cutting out a square? Present the skills in a list form so that a teacher could use it as an assessment to determine when a child demonstrates each of the skills. Using the Professional Resource Download of Figure 12-4, develop a task analysis for cutting out a square, incorporating your list of skills and steps. 2. For the list of skills and task analysis: a. Explain why each item is important in achieving your overall goal for each child. b. Give evidence from the chapter supporting the concept of systematic instruction. 3. Describe and justify how each skill will be built on to reach the end goal.
Objective: To develop systematic strategies for improving preschoolers’ cutting skills, and to evaluate those strategies. Scenario: You are a preschool teacher in a four-year-old classroom. The majority of your students will transition to Kindergarten next year. You have noted that very few of your students have experience with scissors and most have very limited cutting skills.
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How much can you do a proof read. there is no much words start with number 5. and do proofread to just required places.
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