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10 Annotated Bibliography (Example)

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Annotated Bibliography of Deviant Behavior Name: Institutional Affiliation: Little W. (2015). Chapter 7. Deviance Crime and Social Control. Retrieved on 15th March 2017 from: The chapter is a comprehensive coverage of the deviant behavior exploring the relationship between deviance and control sociology theories on the topic and the criminal and legislative aspects of deviance. According to the writer personality disorders are the main reasons for the development of deviant behavior. Psychopaths and sociopaths have personality disorders that cause them to exhibit anti-social behavior lack of inhibitions and diminished empathy (Little 2015). These characteristics result in actions and behaviors that may be considered rather extreme for a normal human being. However psychopaths and sociopaths manage to control their condition and pass as normal human beings confident outgoing and sometimes charming until they engage in an extreme act such as murder. The writer’s analysis of deviance focuses on characters in & Kidwell R. E. (2012). Parent–child relationships: Planting the seeds of deviant behavior in the family firm. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice 36(2) 369-386. Hossain Z. (2014). Deviant behavior: A study of causes. Journal of humanities social sciences & business studies. Vol. 1 pp: 1-16. Retrieved on 15th March 2017 from: %20Social%20Sciences%20&%20Business%20Studies Little W. (2015). Chapter 7. Deviance Crime and Social Control. Retrieved on 15th March 2017 from: Reisel W. D. Probst T. M. Chia S. L. Maloles C. M. & König C. J. (2010). The effects of job insecurity on job satisfaction organizational citizenship behavior deviant behavior and negative emotions of employees. International Studies of Management & Organization 40(1) 74-91. Williams K. M. Cooper B. S. Howell T. M. Yuille J. C. & Paulhus D. L. (2009). Inferring sexually deviant behavior from corresponding fantasies: The role of personality and pornography consumption. Criminal Justice and Behavior 36(2) 198-222. [...]

Order Description:

FORMAT REQUIREMENTS FOR THE ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY 1. American Psychological Association (APA) Style 2. a. Be sure to provide the COMPLETE BIBLIOGRAPHIC CITATION in APA STYLE, INCLUDING ELECTRONIC INDENTIFICATION (e.g., DOI or URL if appropriate) b. For each entry (total of 10), include a 2-3 paragraph summary of the entry’s main points and/or your overall evaluation of the entry. The summary should be in your own words and not simply copied from the entry or some other source; each citation summary should be written in complete sentences. c. ALL bibliographic entries should be from scholarly journals or book chapters (either online or hard copy). Readings from the textbook CANNOT be used as entries in the annotated bibliography; also no WIKIPEDIA references at all. It is recommended that you consult electronic resources such as JSTOR, Google Scholar, and Google Books for entries. If an article is behind a pay site, you may still use it without reading the entire complete source. Be sure to include the complete bibliographic citation and use the available abstract for your annotation. DO NOT COPY THE ABSTRACT WORD-FOR-WORD: Paraphrase it and put it in your own words. d. It will be easiest for you to research and choose your entries via electronic searches, but you may also search hard copy sources in a library. I do not need nor want hard copy articles of your sources, but you must supply complete bibliographic citations per a and b above. e. The 10 entries should generally cover specific theories/types of deviance (i.e., the general subject area of the course). You should not turn in 10 citations on a single theory or type of deviance; with flexibility you can draw from a variety of behavior/theories. There may be some repetition of content in your choices of sources to annotate, but the purpose is to thoroughly familiarize yourself with the information in the process of answering the weekly discussion questions. It is recommended that you search for articles while reading each chapter week-by-week, and choose references that will add to your knowledge of the theories and aid in answering the discussion questions. f. The entries should be organized as a list alphabetized by author’s last name per APA Style. The title should read ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY OF DEVIANT BEHAVIOR. This annotated bibliography should be typed (double-spaced, one-inch margins all around) and submitted to me via Moodle no later than WEDNESDAY, APRIL 26 by 11:55pm. g. The Annotated Bibliography should be an original composition, not recycled from another class. Additionally, chapters from the textbook should NOT be used as references in the bibliography. If you have any questions, PLEASE CONTACT ME. 3. Below are several links to familiarize you with creating and assembling an annotated bibliography:

Subject Area: Criminology

Document Type: Capstone Project

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